Windows 2000 Printers.

I'm using a script to install printers, but on our Windows 2000 boxes, the users get a message "Before you can use the printer \\myserver\printer it must be setup on your computer.Do you want Windows to setup the printer and continue this operation?

I don't get this on our Windows XP boxes.

I am using the con2prt.exe command

CON2PRT.EXE /C \\myserver\printer

Does anyone know how you can get rid of that message on Windows 2000?

Thanks in advance....
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bryancwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How very bizarre, I'm doing the exact same thing with 2k clients without the prompt.  W2K clients and XP work exactly the same.  There have been a number of versions of con2prt over the years, you might want to look for another.  I'm using the one from the w2k server resource kit.  

In my case, these particular users have local administrative rights.  If elevating the users' local rights works, we might be able to track down the specific right required to make it work.

I suggest you try to use Kix instead, with the command. This should work, atleast it did in our mixed environment, containing windows 95, 98, ME, 2k and XP.

you can find kix here:

hope you get it working!

COOPER143Author Commented:

I'm using the con2prt from the W2K Server Resouce CD....This is bizarre...

COOPER143Author Commented:
This one was bizarre..I tested it again on 3 w2k machines, and the message didnt' pop up?

Maybe just a freak occurence....
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