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JSP bean info needed

I have a String stored in my bean and want to get the String from the bean and place it into mySQL database from a JSP page. i want to use the string to use as a search parameter in the select statement. Can this be done and if so...HOW?

Also how do you clear the contents of a bean?
1 Solution
You didn't post any code...well, what i can guess is..if u have set and get methods in ur java class...then call the method in ur jsp...and used it in the query...


String searchstring = instance.getSome();

then in query...

select * from ur_table where something like "'+ searchstring+'%";

then u can use set method to reset the value...


if u have any problems, then try to post ur code..may be we can help u better then.

happy working
sredmusarmAuthor Commented:
I don't understand what you mean above...please try and explain more
Ryan ChongCommented:
Try example below:

Example of bean:

package app;

import java.util.*;

public class Submission extends Object

private String email = "";

public void setEmail(String value)
          this.email = value;
     public String getEmail()
          return email;

To get the value, use:

In your JSP:

<%@page import="app.*"%>
<jsp:useBean id="sub"       scope="session"                  class="app.Submission"/>

<jsp:setProperty name="sub" property="email"                  param="email"/>


Where the form is posted value of field "email".

Hope this helps
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Ryan ChongCommented:
For more information, you can refer to http://www.jspin.com/ and http://www.jspinsider.com/ for java bean and database connection.

sredmusarmAuthor Commented:
well i have changed it up but i'm not getting the results needed. When i do the query in the database i get the results but i'm not getting anything coming up on the screen...anyone know why? The error is near the While loop

 String fname, lname;
            boolean doneheading = false;
            dbconn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/nutrition","saundersk","kevin");
            sql = dbconn.prepareStatement("SELECT first_name, last_name FROM member_info WHERE username = ?");
            sql.setString(1, request.getParameter(mybean.getUsername()));
            results = sql.executeQuery();
                 if(! doneheading)
                      doneheading = true;
                fname = results.getString("first_name");
                lname = results.getString("last_name");
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>sql.setString(1, request.getParameter(mybean.getUsername()));

This line looks weird, try:

sql.setString(1, request.getParameter("Username");

sql.setString(1, mybean.getUsername());
This line is combining two different things, one is the request parameters and the second is the bean value.

sql.setString(1, request.getParameter(mybean.getUsername()));

To set the parameter using the bean use



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