VB.NET: How to programmatically access directory structure exactly like Windows Explorer does, starting from Desktop folder?

For my application I need a control similar to an Explorer application. It must show exactly the same folders, I mean root directory must be a desktop, then "my computer" folder and "network neighborhood" folder. I know how to programmatically access local drives, this is not a problem, but how to get exact directory structure, including these virtual directories "my computer" folder and "network neighborhood" folders?

Thank you for ANY ideas.

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You have it here. Let me know if this is what you have been looking for..


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FidoxAuthor Commented:
Hi skaykay.

Thank you for your comment. I have found that page too, this application is close to what I am looking for, but I doubt that solution provided there is the best I can use. It pop ups a lot of errors and I can not even browse "network neighborhood" folder. I hope there must be something better for VB.NET, some class or anything else what simplifies that problem.

Bob LearnedCommented:
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Answered by skaykay

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