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Connection failed: Too many connections to the database

I'm running a windows 2000 server with 5 CAL and the sybase adaptive server anywhere 6.0

during setup, I chose the per network seat license. but when i try to connect to the database, it only allows one user at a time.

I have another PC running windows NT and the sybase adaptive server anywhere 6.0 but this setup allows the database to be used by several users at the same time.

If possible, I prefer to use the windows 2000 as the my server to run my database.

Can someone please explain/tell me what should i do.
Sandy Kalugdan
Sandy Kalugdan
1 Solution
You can try to use "dblic" command-line utility that allow you to change the number of user license but i think than on Win 2000 O.S. this ASA 6.0 utilities non work.
Otherwise you can reinstall the server!

dblic { switches } executable-name user-name company-name
-l type = License type. Allowed values are perseat or concurrent
-o filename = Log output messages to a file
-p operating-system = Target operating system. Allowed values are NetWare, UNIX, WIN32, WINNT
-q = Operate quietly—do not print messages
-u license-number = Total number of users for license
dblic -l concurrent -p WINNT -u 50 dbsrv6.exe "Sys Admin" "My Con"
It makes a difference whether you're starting the database with the dbsrv or dbeng commands.  dbeng is limited to five connections, regardless of licence limits.  dbsrv uses the licensing information to determine the number of allowed connections.  The OS used is irrelevant to this issue.

If you are actually exceeding the number of licenses you've bought, you might as well get the number you actually need.  Extra licenses are incredibly cheap.

DaniPro is right this one is almost certainly because you need to run dblic

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