Iam new to C++!

Hi Experts!

Iam new to C++ language!

Iam having Visual Studio 6.0!

Can u help me about creating simple executable project with step by step instructions or any site providing the help!

Also i want to know what kind of things can be made with VC++!

Thanx a lot!
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open VC++
select file -> new -> projects -> Win32 Console Application
enter a name for the project in the right hand box
now the wizard will launch, accept the default (empty project)
now select file -> new -> files -> C++ source file
enter a file name in the right hand box and select OK
now paste the following into the file

/* my program */
#include <stdio.h>
void main()
  printf("Hello World..");

now select build -> ! Execute

your progran should now run..

In VC++ you can make practically anyapplication of you choice.. Windows services, windows GUI applications, console applications like the one you just made. basically any type of application listed in the new -> projects disloag you saw a minute ago. VC++ has extensive class libraries such as the MFC and ATL to help simplify writing various applications

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Go here:

They have lots of C/C++ Tutorials for VC++.

Sankar_VAuthor Commented:
Thanks Makerp!

Can u give me some more like some input / output functions??
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Sankar_VAuthor Commented:
Thanks Braindude!

The link u specified gives many codes.........

I will get ba 2 u soon after going through that!

May be with some doubts!
for input and output try either C functions such as printf and gets or C++ iostream classes like cin and cout. personally i would go with the later.

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void main()
  string str;
  cout<<"Enter a string: ";

here we also use the string class..

all of these things can be looked up in the help or MSDN
Well, here are some little things with quick explanations.

#include <iostream.h>         //This is necessary to us cin and cout

int main()        //A special function, this usually serves as the main body of your program
    int Age;      // This declares the variable "Age" to be an interger.
    cout << "Hello." <<endl;      //This outputs "Hello" to the screen and then <<endl goes to the next line.
    cout << "How old are you?" <<endl;
    cin >> Age; // cin waits for your input, in this case, answering the question how old you are. Notice the way the arrows face.
    cout << "You are " <<Age << "years old." <<endl;   //That's how old you are! ^_^
    return 0;        //Tells main to return 0... basically ends the program.
}  // Don't forget the closing brace.

That was a very simple breakdown of a basic program.
Sankar_VAuthor Commented:
Sorry Guys........Sorry 4 the delay!

I was busy with VB projects!

Thanx 4 ur help!
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