Nghbrhd Ntwrkng Log-on Prompt/No User Profile(Nor inRegEdit) Have Read:Bootstrap-tanjnt/emery800+links

Posted on 2003-03-28
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
   I am by NO means an expert! This is only my second machine (HP Pavilion:Win98 second edition... My first was a Dell OptiPlex 575:Win95 75mhz/24mb ram/1gb HD... and it made me happy... problems and all... at least I managed to stumble my way through fixing them!)
    But this Neighborhood Networking is giving me fits! My idiot instincts aren't helping me. I just got this Used HP Pavilion and used the Recovery disk to restore the entire system (reformatting/full reinstall.)
    Without knowing what I was doing, when the Log On annoyed me too much, I removed the Family Log On and the Client For Microsoft Networks from the Neighborhood Networking's Properties Configuration Tab (figuring that if I messed it up, I'd just use the Recovery disk again... Imagine my surprise when I learned that doing this was an expert's suggestion *giggles*)... for the next couple of restarts and start ups there was no Log On dialog box, but after installing Macromedia/flashplayer... it informed me that there was a problem with the Registry, that it would restart and fix the problem... it restored the last saved version of the Registry (not what I'd call fixing it, but I can't do any better) and the Log On was back, and so was the Network desktop icon and the Family Log On and Client For Microsoft Networks under the Properties Configuration tab. I tried removing Fam. and Client. again, but the log on won't stay gone.
    I have recently poured over the entire Registry (looking for any traces of an uninstalled program... not that I'd know what to do if I found any traces of it, but I would have info to go on to ask questions) so it is not an entirely alien critter to me.
    As per tanjnt's suggestion to BootStrap's Question, I tried to followed the directions reguarding: How To Delete A User Profile On A Stand Alone Computer... but there is NO ProfileList in the Registry at the location given.
    (Also in the Control Pannel/Users... it offers to ENABLE Multi-User Settings... suggesting that it isn't enabled already.)
    Another recomendation was to use the info: How To Enable System Policies On A Stand Alone Computer.  These instructions say I should use the Win Installation disk... this computer's OS is an (?)OEM(?) version and all I have is the Recovery disk... would this disk work?  However this page still implies that a log on will be required and that is not what I want (have I missed something on that page?)
    As per tanjnt's suggestion I went to: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q161809/How to Create Mandatory Profiles for Windows 95/98 Users a in Windows NT Domain. This site said I would have to create a Home Directory and said for Win95/98 I should go to this site: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;139449 to learn: How to Create Individual Home Directories... but this site is labeled as being for:* Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
    * Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5
    * Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51
    * Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 which my computer is not (that I know of.)
    All of this verbose post/question/explanation is to show what I have tried and that I have attempted to follow the Help that was given in response to BootStrap's question.
    I only have 75 points and if I could afford to spend money on computers I would have bought a new machine not points.  If you can help me you deserve more points than I can give you!
    In closing... Help! How do I get rid of this ding danged Log On Prompt?
    I don't use Neighborhood Networking... never have and do not foresee ever using it... if it would let me dump it... it would have been in the trash long ago... the same with OutLook Express and Internet Explorer!
    BTW, despite never having used Neighborhood Networking it provides my name in the User Field on the Log On dialog Box.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all of this! you have stamina!
    HousieMousie  :)
Question by:HousieMousie
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Accepted Solution

war1 earned 300 total points
ID: 8229668
Greetings, HousieMousie!

>> How do I get rid of this ding danged Log On Prompt?

How to Prevent a Windows 98/Me Logon Prompt at Startup

How to Disable and Delete User Profiles

Best wishes, war1
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Expert Comment

ID: 8229677
   You should not try to delete Windows Logon. Windows 98 needs it. If you want to delete Network Neighborhood from appearing on the desktop, I can provide you with a registry patch for it.

Usage: Download netwrknhood.vbs Save the file to the folder of your choice. Double click the VBS file. The VB Script file will check for the appropriate value and if not found will create it. If the value was found, it will be toggled to its opposite state and you will be informed that you need to log off/back on or restart your computer.  This script can be viewed in Notepad or any text editor, as to the specific Registry key and value that are updated. Your antivirus software may report this script as potentially malicious, or a possible virus. This is because the script writes to the System Registry


Author Comment

ID: 8229895
Thanks war1,
    I'm not fond of the "Log Off 'My Name'" in my Start Menu, but it is a Whole HEAP Better than that @#$%^&* Log On Dialog Box!
    After two start-ups it seems to have worked... so did the removal of the Family and Client... seemed.  It gave me a scare when the Dialog box came back after following the instructions... but it provided the Tip that if I entered no password that it would be the last time I saw it and my optimism returned!
    Please forgive my reluctance to hit the Accept Comment As Answer link... but it has seemed to be fixed before.
    I still have a bunch of other programs and plug-ins to put on this machine so I will be starting and restarting quite a bit tonight (this morning) and tomorrow (technically today) and later today.
    So... by this time tomorrow I should know one way or the other... if for no other reason, your promptness has surprised and elated me, and would earn you high marks from me.  If the fix is permanent, you'll be getting an A and perhaps the bragging rights to adding another paying customer to this site.  (No offence... but I hope it never comes to that, I don't like problems I can't figure out myself... but knowing Windows...)
   **Big Grin** from,
    and Thank You for the warm welcome!  :)
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Author Comment

ID: 8229929
    I forgot to ask you about your second post.
    Is this the correct order and proceedure?
    Get the patch, use Windows Explorer to delete Neighborhood Networking (because it won't let me do it from the desk top,) then double click the VBS file (open with NotePad or the like)?
    I really am a novice at this and need step by step directions... a lot of things I can do semi-intuitively, but I don't really KNOW what I'm doing.
    Am I supposed to edit the registry myself? **pales and shivers with fright boardering on pure terror** (please say no, please say no, please say no, pleas......)
    If I am supposed to **gulp** could you tell me where and what?  Too much to ask for only one A?
    If it is too much to ask... that is quite all right, I can live with an unwanted icon... I'm not that anal.  I understand you aren't here to answer a string of questions and offered the extra info out of the kindness of your heart and likely have much better/more important things to do with your time than customize my computer.

    Again, Thank you!

Author Comment

ID: 8233926
Sorry for the delay... personal life intruded.
Ahhhhh... to be without the Neighborhood Networking Log On... 'tis a beautiful thing!!!
You have my deepest thanks War1!
I wish you ALL the Best!
**BIG Smile**
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Expert Comment

ID: 8234131
HousieMousie, glad things worked out.

Best wishes, war1
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Expert Comment

ID: 8251784

I reworked this text file a few days ago from some info I typed out for somebody a while back. It was really just to give you some point of reference in the future, but I forgot to post it. I'm claering up my desktop and finding all the text files which I also forgot to post, so I thought I would just paste it in here before I delete it, so that it adds another email to war1's bulging inbox and also so you can save it for future reference:

The Registry is certainly an area to be respected, but not to be feared.  The more you know about the computer, the better you will know what effects an action is likely to have on it, and then how to reverse it.

The actual Windows Registry is kept as 2 files and backups of these are kept each time Windows successfully boots.  If it finds some problem, or the most current files are damaged or missing, then it just uses the previous good ones and renames them for the next time.

The easiest way to actually edit the registry is through the interface "REGEDIT.EXE" which is a file in C:\Windows folder.  You will find it has an icon which is like a bunch of green building blocks with a corner removed, or a rubiks cube.  Look at it and you will make yourseld familiar with the icon for future reference.

You should be aware that REGEDIT is able to "export" data as files with the .REG extension which will have the same icon as RegEdit.exe.  You can "import" a .REG file into RegEdit just as if you are importing data into an address book or something, but it will overwrite data if most of the content is the same, or create new data entries if they don't exist or differ in some way.  BE CAREFUL, by double-clicking on a .REG file it WILL add the content into the Registry.  This is usually preceded by an "are you sure prompt", but you can't be too careful.  A .REG file can be safely viewed in NotePad if you were that curious.  Just click once on it, hold down the shift key, and right-click on it.  Remove the checkmark from "..always open with" and scroll down to NotePad then double click.

A .REG file will look something like this, depending on how many levels it contains:

"Default"="EPSON Stylus COLOR 760"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Config\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\EPSON Stylus COLOR 760]

What you are actually seeing is something which resembles Windows Explorer in layout, ie it is laid out as a "tree" on which you click the "+" keys to keep opening out the sub-folders until you get to the one you want.  In the case of the Registry, the main folders are referred to as "Keys" and the sub-folders as "sub-keys".

There are only 6 main Keys, but the only ones you would need to know about are HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (your PC's default settings) and HKEY_CURRENT_USER (the settings relating to your configuration after Windows has logged you in).

Each sub-key will have different "data types" in the right-hand pane which are distinguishable by different icons.

A "String" Value has a white icon with a red "ab"
A "Binary" Value has a white icon with blue "zero's" and "1's"
A "DWord" value has the same icon as the Binary one.

These Values are named appropriately after the actions they perform and are case-sensitive.  They usually do not have spaces between words in their names.

Opposite the actual value type, their "DataValues" are shown either as a text string, or a series of digits and characters.

The mouse's Right-Click reveals a sub-menu for keys, sub-keys, Values, and Data eg. for a DWord Value, you would have the option to rename whereas for its corresponding Data Value, the option would be to modify or delete.  Just the same as Windows Explorer, you can right-click on the key (folder) and create a new key inside it, or right-click in the right-hand pane and create new Data Types etc.

Now that you understand that !!!

Use the Start Menu > Run command antd type REGEDIT  (not case sensitive).  Maximize the window and adjust the window divider down the middle.

BEFORE war1 gives you his Registry Tweak, you can now make a backup copy as a .REG file by doing the following:

1. "Registry Menu"
2. Export Registry Fle
3. Browse to the place you want to save it (I prefer the C:\Windows\Desktop as I am the only user and the directory is easily recognised in DOS if needed)
4. Make sure it says "Save as Type"  = .REG File *.reg
5. Make sure "Export Range" is set to "ALL". (if you were only saving a portion, it would only save the contants of the key you had currently selected or opened)
6. Now type a logical file name and click "Save"
7. Exit RegEdit and you now have a file which can be "Imported" into RegEdit to restore it, or "Sent there" to overwrite or restore entries just by double-clicking on it.

Hint: Use a short but distinct file name (8 letters or digits) in case you ever need to access this using DOS commands if something goes wrong.  A date would be OK, but I use this type of backup at stages during a reinstall and use names such as PREOFF2K.REG  or POSTOF2K.REG to pinpoint where it will take me back to.  I also make a copy and rename it eg. PREOFF2K.TXT, so that I can read it before using it to make sure of what I am about to do.

That's it, now War1 will give you instructions on how to manually add or change registry entries if the .VBS (Visual Basic Script) doesn't work.

You should be aware for future reference, that certain items on your Desktop, My Computer window and perhaps also on the lower portion of the Start Menu should NOT be deleted manually even if they allow this.  The reason is that they have been allocated what is referred to a a "NameSpace" within the Registry and actually exist, not as shortcuts, but as actual programmes in a manner of speaking.  Such items are Network Neighbourbood (as you have discovered :-)), Recycle Bin, My Documents (if it's on your desktop or Start > Documents).

For future reference, there is a good utility called "Tweak UI" which allows you to hide things safely and restore them without anything more than checking or unchecking a box.  Version 1.33 is the most recent for Windows 98 although the previous version 1.25 worked as well.  It comes as 5 files including the "readme" file which tells you how to install it just by right-clicking on the .INF file and selecting "Install".  You will then find an icon for it in Control Panel to open and make any changes as you please.  Don't go overboard and change just one thing at a time making sure you have read the bit that tells you what changes your actions will perform.

It is available for download from a number of sources which you will find here:

Author Comment

ID: 8267378
    Thank you for the information, you gave me a lot that I did not know, confirmed things I suspected and gave me new info.
    Me and regedit are old friends (from my win95 sys) despite the fact that I haven't ever edited it directly... my explorations have been after using Add/Remove Programs and I doubt that it actually did what it said it did.
    I had TweakUI on my old sys and intend to install it on this computer as well (thank you for the URL.)  I have yet to install it on this computer because I keep having bad interactions between certain programs, and have reformatted and reinstalled many times now!  Self important programs are a pain! (laughs to self) Slightly off topic, does it upset you when you tell the install NOT to associate file types and it does it anyway?
    I'll just tell you my computer-life story now... on my first install of Mozilla All was wine and roses... second install, same story... since then?  I am tempted to go back to Internet Explorer (Yuck) and suffer the pop-ups and other annoyances.
    Oooo Oooo Oooo, do you know how to force WinXP to do a wildcard search?  Believe it or not, _I_ am the computer "expert" to my friends... and That is a scary concept! :-)
The XP search (Find Files/Folders) is just short of useless compaired to the same on Win95/98.  As a last ditch effort to figure out why a comp suddenly wouldn't stay in Stand-By Mode for more than 30 minutes at a time... I told XP Seearch to search for any file or folder containing the text "30 minutes" and then "30 min"... it found nothing either time!  In another search effort (looking for ReadMe's) I told it to find "*.txt" files/folders... again, it found nothing... I about choked!
    Okay, I have griped enough! (sorry I'm long winded and say very little... trust me, it IS hereditary!)
    I have saved your posting, along with war1's, both to my desktop and to floppy (I'll take written notes later) and Thank You again for all your help!


P.S.  Does anyone have any idea when Microsoft (refrains from using usual slur name) intends to force its writers to actually EARN their pay?  Why can't they make a system that protects itself?  Why is every user a super user and MANY programs too???
    Oh well, Lots of love and luck to fellow Windowzers!
(This isn't a reply!  It is a book!)
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Expert Comment

ID: 8267636
I've stuck with Windows 98 for some of the reasons you have cited.  I can control IT more than XP.

Yeah, I hate thos programmes which force associations.  Actually, there's one thing I hate even more than that, and it's Microsoft's assumption that I want to install "Online Services" each time I do an installation.  Even if you uncheck this "option" it installs it anyway.

I have also stuck with Internet Explorer 5.1 with security patches and updates applied.  All you have to do is read through these pages to realise the problems being encountered with version 6, and I don't think it's worth it until I am forced.  By that time I'll be familiar enough with my sUsE Linux 8.1 installation that I will ditch Microsoft products altogether.

You mentioned annoying Popups in IE.  I use Popup Stopper by PanicWare (http://www.panicware.com/product_downloads.html#PopupStopper).  It's Freeware and installs and uninstalls cleanly.  Drop a shortcut to it on your Quck Start toolbar and just click on it.  It will add an icon to your Tast Tray which allows Right-Click options.  It will universally block all Windows which want to open in a separate window whether via a link or generated by embedded JavaScript instructions.  Just hold the control key to override it when clicking a link.

Microsoft writers DO earn their pay.  They take hours to write hidden Easter Eggs into the programmes for bored people to find as a challenge.

Author Comment

ID: 8271160
LOLOLOL Tooooo Funny! (the Easter Egg comment)
Thanks for the IE tip, think I'll do that too!
That has to be why I am having so many fits with this IE when my old one (5.1) worked better.
Wonder if it will let me retro this one without complaints... guess I'll find out! **grins**  Oh, damn, I think my DSl requires a newer IE... have to check into that.
I am anxiously awaiting a Linux system from my folks (Linux/Unix ONLY users)  They are putting a uh... Debian (I think) Windows-like interface on it for me.  (At least I don't think it is the RedHat one.)
When that glorious date arrives, this machine will be used for games and anything else that isn't readily compatible with Linux.
Oooooooo, yes the forced install bugs the CENSORED out of me too!
Just another of a multitude of Windows and programs written for Windows gripes.  A Oh Hell (AOL) "improved" ICQ out of compatibility with the chat module for LICQ.  I haven't been able to find the old build (2000a) of ICQ that worked just fine and never locked up on me either!
But, I've written enough in this post also, so I guess I'd better run now.
I am enjoying this exchange though!  Chatting with someone who can really feel my pain is helpful from the mental stand point.
Take care,

LVL 39

Expert Comment

ID: 8273942
If you really want to go the Linux way, I can thoroughly recommend sUsE Linux 8.1 Personal (or professional if you really want to get into the networking side of things).  For ease of install, use, and functionality it is just as easy to get to grips with as Windows, it should recognise all your hardware, and is not as susceptible to viruses as Windows.

Good Luck.

Author Comment

ID: 8276503
I have zero experience with Linux, but my folks (mainly my father) are old hands at it.  I haven't the foggiest what version he's setting me up with but the good news is that he will always be a super user on it so if I have problems with it I can "run to Daddy" for help.  :-)  He is and has been for many years heavily into computers (he had me on an Amiga many years ago when I went to visit him, 1986 I think) but my questions about Windows have gone beyond his normal expertise.  Not surprising really, since he hates Windows with a purple passion, and does his damnedest to convert people to Linux.
The fact that there aren't as many viruses created for Linux and that as an OS, Linux is very good at protecting itself were deffinate selling points for me.  Luckily, to date, I haven't had a virus (knocks heavily on wooden desk!)
I gotta run.
Thanks Again for all your help!

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