Problem with variables?

I have two control buttons. I have both of them entering the system date into two seperate text boxes when clicked. I need the second control button to enter the system date (which it does) and use the variables left over from the first control button to subtract them from the variables left over from the second button.

This currently is not working. I wanted to test my code so I switched the variables around so the second button was subtracting one variable in the Control code from the other variable in that same Control button code and displaying it in a text box. This worked fine. This leads me to believe that it is a variable problem. Since VB gets rid of the variable contents once used the variable must be getting dumped. I tried using Static and changing it to Public to see if this would work, but still nothing. Here is the code for the two control buttons: - Any ideas?

Public Sub cmdIn_Click()

clkTimein = Format$(Time, "hh:mm")
txtIn.Text = clkTimein
hrIn = Left(clkTimein, 2)
minIn = Right(clkTimein, 2)
hrInone = Val(hrIn)
minInone = Val(minIn)

End Sub

Public Sub cmdOut_Click()

clkTimeout = Format$(Time, "hh:mm")
txtOut.Text = clkTimeout
hrOut = Left(clkTimeout, 2)
minOut = Right(clkTimeout, 2)
hrOutone = Val(hrOut)
minOutone = Val(minOut)
numTothr = hrOutone + minOutone
numTotmin = minOutone + minInone
strTothr = Str(numTothr)
strTotmin = Str(numTotmin)
txtTothr.Text = strTothr
txtTotmin.Text = strTotmin

End Sub
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Use text box as variable.

Your code cleeared looks essentially like this:

Public Sub cmdIn_Click()
txtIn = Format$(Time, "hh:mm")
End Sub

Public Sub cmdOut_Click()

txtTothr.Text = Left(Format$(Time, "hh:mm"), 2) + Right(Format$(Time, "hh:mm"), 2)
txtTotmin.Text = Right(Format$(Time, "hh:mm"), 2)  + Right(txtIn, 2)

End Sub
ammo325Author Commented:
Thank you for the response. That didn't really fix it totally, unfortunately the boxes are still showing the incorrect value.
What exactly you want do?
If time in textIn is "12:00"
and time now is "12:12"
what do you want to see in txtOut?
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ammo325Author Commented:
I would like to see 0012

Its a program that has a time in and a time out. So the time out will always need time in subtracted from it to show the duration that has passed.
Then check DateDiff function.

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Bistrica is right; what you want to do is trivial (not to minimise the difficulty you've had with it - I simply mean you should use DateDiff and achieve what you want in simply one line of code!).
ammo325Author Commented:
Thank you. I will try that. I have a nice tutorial book on VB6, doesn't mention DateDiff in it that I know of. Not in the index anyway.
Here, try this Web page for a tutorial on various time and date-handling functions in VB6 (including DateDiff):

(Careful - it's a long URL and the lines may wrap).
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