2 NICS in XP 1 NIC in Mandrake 9

I really hope this will fly as I am not trying to buy a hub.

My current set up is as follows:
1) XP Pro Box with 1 Wireless NIC (which will only work under Windows) and 1 10/100 NIC.
Its current IP is as it is a shared broadband connection with the Wireless router downstairs.

The Problem:
Sitting next to the XP box above is a Mandrake 9 box with one 10/100 NIC connected to the box above.
How can I get my MD9 box to talk to my XP box which talks to my router?

Here is my current set up:

                  |-----<------------<---- (XP)
                  |-----<------------<---- (Laptop W9x)

Now how do i do this?

                  |-----<------------<---- [ (XP) and] ----<---<--- (MD9)
                  |-----<------------<---- (Laptop W9x)

This is possible, i hope.  Thanks in advance!

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ccworkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
    According you drawn you already know the solutions! All you do is ICS on the XP as usual wit ha new NIC.
    I assume your router is not wireless and therefore
1) you need to keep the current NIC #1 (with IP on XP for connection to router.
2) you need another NIC #2 for the XP box. Assign (don't set default gateway) to the NIC #2.
3) Now enable ICS on XP with NIC #1 as external and #2 as internal interface.
4) Set the Mandrake with following network parameter: IP=, GW=, DNS=IP of a nameserver.
5)use a cross-over UTC connect the Mandrake and the XP NIC #2.
6) On Mandrake, ping to see if it can connect to XP. If yes, then try nslookup to see if it can resolve domain name. If both is okay, then it is done.
7) If you want file sharing between XP and Mandrake, install Samba on Mandrake. There is a web interface for adminstrating Samba by default.
    Hope helps.
Sp3c1alKAuthor Commented:
Dah! Crossover!
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