XP TCP/UDP IE seems connected - different names appearing on UDP at each logon.

Sorry, newbie query UDP.

I have XP Home/AEI-LAN connection, USB cable connection.

In my firewall status box there are two IE icons displayed. The first description icon is a UDP connection> always active.
The second icon is TCP http to homepage or site ip.

Each time I logon (google homepage) the TCP will vanish after a while from the status box leaving the UDP active. Furthermore, when I hover over the UDP icon it shows a different name/company appearing everytime I logon to the homepage. The site -internet storm center- related to the names and ports, hence my paranoia.

My ip address often changes private/automatic/invalid.
I renew/release ipconfig and also tried format/reinstall xp but the behaviour remains the same.  

If I try to block/ask/allow the UDP the TCP follows suit, same with the TCP>UDP. The applications also seem connected in the same way including tcp/udp. NDISUIO
CWIN 32 mainly figures with SVCHOST and a messenger apps, all on LISTEN.
I have bocked all UDP in and out. XP will not allow me to firewall the net adapter or the LAN. I am aware enabling windows firewall may cause conflicts with another firewall, but still, it does not allow the choice. Then there is a warning regarding the prog will continue to share. I also uninstalled driver and uninstalled the 1394 net adapter but it comes back with a higher description number, also enabled sometimes after I disabled it.

Just seems I am not allowed to try and make basic changes, even if on a wild goose chase, without a warning box or error.  
Can anyone kindly advise if the above behaviour is normal, my firewall support forum seems unsure - or do you think it's an XP security issue - or am I just a paranoid newbie who needs to learn all this stuff?

Thankyou for your time, any advice appreciated.  


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zekkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TCP and UDP connections for protocols and services are often if not always linked.  for example.
ftp             21/tcp
ftp             21/udp          fsp fspd
ssh             23/tcp                          # SSH Remote Login Protocol
ssh             23/udp                          # SSH Remote Login Protocol
telnet          22/tcp
telnet          22/udp
# 24 - private mail system
smtp            25/tcp          mail
smtp            25/udp          mail

Notice each has a udp - tcp component.

I cannot say much about XP because it is not really a "firewall" but a personal packet filter. It blocks only the host NIC.  I would NOT be putting my PC up on the internet, I suggest you get a box in between such as a linksys router or something, anything!

I know its not much but i hope this helped out on the tcp udp side.

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