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I need a master or primary password removed from my Dell inspiron 8200

can anyone help me reset the primary password (bios) on my dell inspiron 8200? I lost the original and I'm the second owner. Dell wont help.
1 Solution
Find the lithium battery (about the size of a quarter usually) inside the computer, take it out for about 10 minutes.  This should zap the CMOS and allow you to reset the password (or make it go bye-bye completely).

Good luck,
Have someone take the computer apart.  They will need to remember how to put back everything.  Look for a jumper on the motherboard that says clear.  You need to make the jumper have the opposite setting it now has.  In other words, if there is a plastic cover on it, take it off... Otherwise, put one on.  Then power on your computer with the new setting.

It may not have one but it would be fun to check.

Also there is a guy who will tell you your password for real cheap.  His site is called Mr Bios's Dell Laptop Password Removals., and is located at http://www.mrbios.batcave.net/
all you need is your Laptop system tag number or service tag number and the Laptop model.

if you a windows xp or 98 operating system
get into dos mode and type


c:\>o 70 17

c:\>0 71 17


now the password have been reset
Or you can download the latest BIOS flash update for the machine from http://support.dell.com/filelib/criteria.aspx

Put it on a floppy disk and boot the system with that floppy per Dell's instructions. After you've flashed the BIOS, the password will be unset and you're in the clear.


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