Hard drive installation - Explorer does not recognize new HD

I'm installing a third hard drive and upgrading the existing cd burner.  To make room for the hard drive, I removed a zip drive and put the hard drive in its place.  I have the burner as a secondary\master and the hard drive as secondary\slave.

My problem: the drive is not listed in windows explorer, and the burner has a zip icon (but it works)

Both devices are listed in the device manager correctly

I should add, that I've tried switching the jumpers on the burner and hard drive and had the same problem.  I even tried setting the jumpers to cable select.  Please help

P.S.  The hard drive is a 60gb IBM Deskstar
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jwitt98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You are going to have to create at least one partition for the drive and then format it before you can use it or before it will be available in explorer.  You can use the disk management utility to do this.
right click on my computer
go to manage
click on disk management
Find the disk with 100% free space (probably disk 2)
right click on the disk and select 'create partiton'
After you create a partition you will have to format it probably with either fat32 or ntfs.
What version of windows are you using?

Have you partitioned and formatted the disk?
go to add remove programs, take out the Iomega software, go to device manager and remove the CD drive, reboot see if it doesn't show up

does the third hard drive show up in the BIOS?
arrobeusaAuthor Commented:
I'm using Winxp.  No, I don't want to partition the drive, and it's not formatted.  Honestly, I don't know how to format the drive.

I did uninstall the drive and rebooted and the problem was still there.  Although, I didn't remove the Iomega software.

Yes, the third drive does show up in the BIOS
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