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display multiple outputs in applet

I'm sure this is simple - but I cannot seem to resolve it, or find the right answer.  I have a jave applet project to calculate a car loan.  I have it done and it is working EXCEPT....
Each calculation is correct and displays if I comment out the other 2.
   When I leave all 3 - just the last output shows...
I need all 3 output lines to show on my project... I've tried some different append syntax - but not finding the right ones...get nothing but errors.
I'd sure appreciate any recommendations ...thanks in advance!
Here's my code:

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;  //import three

public class carLoanApplet2ND extends Applet implements ActionListener   //action is ActionListener - extends means to expect

  Label Title = new Label("Car Loan Calculator"); //title is the variable-name it anything
   Label costCarLabel = new Label ("Please enter the Price of the Car:"); //this is a prompt label
   TextField costCarField = new TextField(25); //this is a text box -25 characters
   Label downPaymentLabel = new Label ("Please enter the down payment:"); //this is another prompt
   TextField downPaymentField = new TextField(25); //text field to get data
   Label loanPeriodLabel = new Label ("Please enter the Loan Period in Years:"); //this is another prompt
   TextField loanPeriodField = new TextField(25); //text field to get data

   Button calcButton = new Button("Calculate Car Payment");  //button name label is in " "
   Label outputLabel = new Label ("Enter the data and then click the button");

   public void init()
      // Set Background color to cyan
      add(Title); // display title
      add(costCarLabel);  //display label

      calcButton.addActionListener(this);  //add button that states action performed - calls method

   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)  //this is calculation method
    double costCar, downPayment, loanPeriod, loan, interest, payment;  //pass values
    //Converting input to values
    costCar =(double)Integer.parseInt(costCarField.getText()); //convert to value
    downPayment = (double)Integer.parseInt(downPaymentField.getText());
    loanPeriod = (double)Integer.parseInt(loanPeriodField.getText());

    //Calculation amount of loan
    loan = costCar - downPayment;

     //Calc interest
     if (loan < 5000)
        interest = .089;
        if (loan < 7500)
            interest = .079;
            if (loan < 8500)
                interest = .069;
                  if (loan < 10000)
                           interest = .059;
                                interest = .039;

    //Calculate payment
    payment = ((loan*interest) + loan) / (loanPeriod*12);

    //Output loan amount
    outputLabel.setText ("The Loan Amount =  $" + loan);

    //Output interest
    outputLabel.setText ("The Interest Rate is = " + interest);

    //Output payment
    outputLabel.setText ("The Loan Payment is =  $" + Math.round(payment));


1 Solution
Why are you using a Label to show the output ?

If uou have to use a labelmthen why not use three position one under the other , and do :

outputLabel2.setText ("The Loan Amount =  $" + loan);
outputLabel2.setText ("The Interest Rate is = " + interest);
outputLabel3.setText ("The Loan Payment is =  $" + Math.round(payment));
You are outputting results to the same label, so each overwrites the previous.
Either use 3 different labels as suggested by ozy, or use a TextArea with 3 lines and append each result on a new line.
vonbAuthor Commented:
Thanks -
The Label to show output was part of the assignment...
Thanks -You so much - I should have seen that, especially since only my last output was appearing....
thanks for helping me out!

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