iso games?

can anyone tell me what is an iso game, where to get dem and how to noe if they are iso games. It's like years that i still don't know what is it. I wud appreciate if any of you could provide me wif info.

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An ISO Game is simply an "image" of a CD.
An ISO Image is a file that not only contains the files and other data from a CD, as well it contains where and how said data is recorded to the medium; ie CD.
ISO Simply stands for International Standards Organization, and ISO files may also come with other extensions and formats, (BIN & CUE, IMG, etc...).
in order to use a ISO file, You would need to do one of three things:
1.  Mount the Image with an appropriate program. Unfortunately I'm unaware of any universal mounting    programs for Win9x/NT/2K/XP
2.  Open the Image file with an appropriate program.
      "WinISO" for example
3.  Record the Image to a CD-R(W)

As for being able to tell an ISO Image from other files, the extension is always a sure-fire way.
Here's the URL to a site for info on most cd related issues.

To add to my prev. comment:

ISO is not an actual file type mind you, it is simply a CD filesystem used for the data.
wow guy must b Kali4nian

Just a comment. You might wnat to be careful since many ISO's are illegal. Not all, but alot.

Gandalf  Parker

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ISO itself is a standard of medium for replication of data. The contents of the Disc Image can be illegal if one does not own a license to that piece of software. Otherwise if you own a license and you are given permission to have a copy it is not illegal. Potentially all ISO's could be legal to you, but as the EULA of the software states, you may not be entitled to a copy other than the manufactured CD or distribution medium.
ISO Games:

An ISO image is a "image"-file that contains all data and structure of a CD. An ISO game is therefore the "image" of a game CD. These types of Images can be downloaded from then internet eg. Kazaa (although its mostly illegal) or by "ripping" your own CDs, many people do it to speed up the game that uses a lot of CD-rom access.
A tool that i am aware of that can be used to "rip" a CD to an ISO is ISO maker, it can be found on a playstation emulator website for ePSXe or similar - just search on google.
To load these images you can use a program such as Deamon Tools that can be found by searching on Google. It makes you computer think that it has an extra cd-rom and it even displays it in the explorer window as a rom drive. you can then point it to an ISO image and tell it to load it, the computer will behave as if the cd was placed in a cd-rom and work perfectly even do the autorun.

Another use for ISO images is to be used with playstation emulators. Because not many emulators support IDE CD-roms they instead come with a driver for reading ISO images and work well that way. It also speeds things up.

The only Disadvantage of ISOs is that they are pretty big - the same size as the cd that they came from therefore an image may be up to 700Mb that sits on your hard-drive. Also it takes for ever to download one.

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Try downloading a program called Daemon tools that lets you take the iso files and make your computer already think they are on a disk so you can run the iso files from your hard drive to set them up instead of recording them to a cd..
yeah thats exactly what i was talking about :)
It looks like the image part is explained well enough - but here is some more for you.

get Newsbin Pro
Find a good usenet server - subscription ones work best.
get winrar
get smart par
then goto

and so forth -

Read the NFO
think of iso as zip... an iso is a whole cd 'zipped'
To 'unzip' it, use a program like ISOBuster or something similar
Use Kazaa or similar programs to find ISO's.

You'll know if its an ISO games because it will be called 'Filename.ISO'

when the site comes back up, use that. at the moment, search on google for "daemon332.exe"
You can get them at
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