screen resolution question

Hi !, I'm new to web design so this question might be a bit silly but I need help !
I build my site on my laptop that has a native screen resolution of 1400x1050. On dreamweaver I've been working on a 1179x708 size. I can see my site fine but my friends say that they have to scroll horizontaly to see the whole page when I don't have to.
I think my resolution might be to high but if I change it, everything looks too big on my screen and it's not right, so I'm not sure what I have to do, shall I just change the screen size in dreamweaver and work on a smaller window?, say 955x600 ?
I tried that and I uploaded the page  but on my screen there is no difference so I don't know what's the right thing to do so people can see my site just fine
Thank you
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800x600 is your best bet, 1024x768 after that

here's a link to show you recent browser statistics:

All the sites I develope are created at 800x600
borderlineAuthor Commented:
So, shall I have to change the size document on dreamweaver or my screen resolution?

Thanks !
change it in dreamweaver.

I change my resolution to 800x600 briefly just to make sure it looks right.
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borderlineAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help ! :-)
You don't need to change your RESOLUTION to build a site that won't exceed 800-600, Just put a table with the size 800-600 and stay within the table...
i agree, there is absoutly no need to change your resolution. I just think it's always best to verify it on a configuration that is close to what you intend users to be accessing your site with.
And I wouldn't worry about the HEIGHT (unless you have a graphic you want to display), I'd worry about the WIDTH.

Remember -- that's a MAXIMUM screen size. The browser will take up some of that space, so don't use 800 as your max width. Use about 700-750 as the max width. I wouldn't worry about height, that can vary a lot, even if the window is maximized, because people don't all use the same toolbars/options on their browser.

Your design shouldn't be so inflexible as to fall apart when viewed larger/smaller than you envision. If it does, it's a bad design. ;-)
>>>Your design shouldn't be so inflexible as to fall apart when viewed larger/smaller than you envision. If it does, it's a bad design. ;-)

For that very same reason, I tend to prefer working more on 100% width kinds rather than 770 pixels for my width of my main table..
In that case you can use the max. space of the screen , irrespective of the resolution. But what you finally decide to use, will vary according to your design..some pages might need a hard-coded page width..and some might look better if you use percentages for your table widths

on the dreamveawer there is a part which shows the resolution settings. you can find it on lower right corner it will be displayed as somenumber*anothernumber
without changing your resolution, DW automatically adjusts editing windows for you. Also as zombeen says, I would have used percentages for width options. There is no need to specify the height.... One last thing

as aelatik says
>> Just put a table with the size 800-600 and stay within the table...

do not do that. becase if you put a table with that sizes, you page will not be fully displayed on the screen, you will have to use the scroller to view the site..

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