Edimax ED-1508SX 8-port hub/switch : power adapter missing

I have an Edimax ED-1508SX 8-port hub/switch, but no power adapter for it.
The plug says 5 VDC (five volts of direct current of course) but no ampers.
I bet it's something like ~300-500ma but I don't want to go mess around with
electric regulations and start a fire :).

Anyways if somebody has info about the adapter that suits that hub, the info would
be appreciated.

Naturally I browsed through Edimax's pages and PDF's but they stated nothing of it,
and their forums are not online.

If you think you have this hub and/or know what powersupply it uses, please share the
knowledge :).

I took a few pictures (sorry for the extremely poor quality, my webcam is a p.o.s.) of
it if you're not sure :


Thanks for any hints,


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hell.......... never mind.... I finally got it opened... no mention of AMPS... sorry

Well, you can never feed it too many amps, it'll ohly take what it needs (unless it itself has a problem, then the whole deal is kind of a moot point anyway.)  All you can do is use a power supply that won't feed it enough, and if you do that the only real risk you should be worried about is killing a power supply.  I'd imagine that it wouldn't take much more than an Amp.  Now, when PowerSupply shopping they're often labeled in MilliAmps, and 1A = 1000mA, so a 1000mA supply should be sufficient.  A quick look at RadioShack came up with a 4.5V 1000mA addapter that should work fine, but it's $19.95, which is getting close to the price of a whole 10/100 switch anyway, so you be the juge whether or not to get a new power supply for your aging 10/100 Switching Hub, or a new 10/100 Switch.

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acidiaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the good reply matguy.

I still think I'll go find that powersupply, since everything is so damn expensive here in finland. I really envy you if switches there cost only ~20$. In here the cheapest monkey*ss switch you can find starts from 60euros (~60USD)...

But thanks :).
Yeah, we can find decent switches down to $40 or so, cheap monkey*ss switches for $30 if you really look around.
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