PHP installation

i have installed php 4.3.1 using installer on windows 98...i have pws running...
i still cant view my php file in browser
i get the error
404 file not found!
plz guide me wat has gone wrong..
i really want my php code running...
plz answer me at ur earliest
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The file isn't at the URL you are typing in to your browser.
if you haven't installed PHP correctly an error, or an obvious result would occur.

As you are recieveing a 404 error I presume you have not got the correct file path; or location of the file. Are you sure you are browsing to the correct file?(you may find it may help temporarily to turn directory browsing on and browse to the file through that).

Can you see HTML pages you have created on the server ior is it a new installation?

Good Luck

* Check if you have set Apache to support PHP.
* Check if you have set virtual host properly.
Error 404: wrong URL or file not found. Create a index.html in your root and point the URL to that file and check if this file can be loaded
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aleezahAuthor Commented:
well pws is working fine..i can view all my html and asp pages...
and i am giving the right path...
still its not working
need help!!!
Well, even if you are giving the right path in the browser, the file has to be placed in the right directory.

Are you getting the default page of Apache?????

First of all, check you default DocumentRoot in the httpd.conf file. Place the php file in that directory, and then in the URL your address should contain only the path from the DocumentRoot.
If you have done all this right, then i dont see why you should get this error.
confirm that you hahve doen everything for 

I guess particularly the line

"In the PWS Manager, right click on a given directory you want to add PHP support to, and select Properties. Check the 'Execute' checkbox, and confirm. "


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aleezahAuthor Commented:
thanx for the help...but now i get another error...
Warning CGI !
cgi_redirect_status....asked me to disable it..
i did now i get
500 internal web server error
plz guide me wat to do now!
1) could you tell me the name of the installer you used (with version and type (ISAPI or CGI). If you don't know this; just the name of the file is fine.  

2)Could you turn logging on "check the Save Website Activity Log" in the advanced tab of the PWS manager. If possible could you browse to a page and then post the results of the error here?

Then we can try some diagnosis.

aleezahAuthor Commented:
well i used php 4.3.1 installer
when i try to execute php code gives this error
error 500
internal web server error
 need some help..
i have so work to do and my php is not even running

What error does it put in the web servers error log?

What happens if you try the simplist PHP script:

<?php  phpinfo();  ?> (and nothing else)
aleezahAuthor Commented:
when i try this code i still get the same error...
500 internal web server error..
i dont know how to check web server error log...coz i have installed pws for 95...there is no manager for it,,,,
but when i execute the simplest code i get this error
always same..
need help...
Can u just tell the directory where u have placed the program
And the path to it. What is the program name???
anything at all??
aleezahAuthor Commented:

well i have stored my php file in the root directory...webshare/wwwroot/h.php
then i acess it by this path in my web browser
but i get that error...500 web server internal error
i can acess asp page ..but not the php
wat have i done wrong!!!
Check the DocumentRoot in httpd.conf file and see what is the correct path.
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