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A small company located in Singapore with 8 staffs are engaged in distributing equipments to distributors locally and in the Asean countries. Two salesmen need to travel to the Asean countries to promote and sell their products. These salesmen will need to access information from the HQ. They also need to access their emails. The company also allow its regular distributors to place on-line orders for its products. The company like to a have web presence so that potential customers can view the corporate information and products. Based on the current WAN technologies and faciities propose a networking infrastructure to support this business venture.

Hi could anyone give suggestions on my solution? I intend to allow the mobile users and regular distributors connect to the HQ using VPN. And connect to the local ISP using SDSL as webhosting and email services are needed. A leased line is too expensive for such a small company. Also, where should my web server be placed as it is for public access? Is the idea of using the Linksys router integrated with VPN alright? Or is it not feasible as the regular distributors will need the router too and they may not be willing to invest? Sorry i think my answer may be wrong but I'm a student just starting on WAN.. Also what speed should I subscribe for my SDSL line? Is 512K for the 6 staff at the HQ plus webhosting? Thanks alot!! Sorry that I only have 40pts to give
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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First let me congratulate you on attempting a solution, too many come in here and just ask us to do all the work.
Now the VPN is a good solution for the mobile users
As for the regular distibuters, you could consider an online order system using active server pages, PHP or CGI
you could place the webserver in the DMZ of the router, or forward the ports on the router, or even consider an off site hosting solution. the ISP could host the email, or you could host it on the LAN (again forward the ports)
for just simple email and web access 512 should be fine for 6-8 users
Now if you host the webserver (and the online ordering) then you wuld have to consider the traffic generated by the regular distributors into the equation for determining your bandwidth needs) if they only log on once or twice a day, and there are not hunderds of them, then the 512 should still be OK
drkyAuthor Commented:
Thanks steven for your help..I still have a question to ask if you dont mind helping me? If the distributors are required to connect to the HQ using VPN, do they need a VPN router on their side too or is it possible to use a software client on their LAN?
That would depend, on if they are using NAT. They would at least need to forward the ports, a vpn router would be better
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