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   i am searching the lib "mfc42.lib" to compile my program. I have search the microsoft but i could not find it and download it. The VC6++ does not contain it. Where can i Find it?
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It should be in the MFC\Lib directory.  For instance, if you installed Visual C++ in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\ directory, it would live at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\Lib.  I'm not sure, but it may not be there if you have the standard edition (since that doesn't allow static linking); I could be wrong about that, though.
it is at

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\Lib

if you installed it at C:

..btw, are you using some MFC classes?
i think you should create your project again using "MFC AppWizard (exe)", and copy all your original files into the new project.
By the way, there are other macros that get used by MFC that get set when you use MFC.  You're probably better off going to Project->Settings->General and changing your "Microsoft Foundation Classes" setting to "Use MFC in a Shared DLL" or "Use MFC in a Static Library".  What tycordinal said about re-generating the project might work if you're using the gui classes, but if you're using other classes (CString, CFtpConnection, etc.) and you want a background or console application, don't do that.

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yes that's what i mean :)
yes that's what i mean :)
ttsenisAuthor Commented:
The whole story goes like this. This classes that i am trying to compile are not mine but it is correct. The "mfc42u.lib" it is not containt into the VC6 ++ that i have installed. May be i need a patch? The recently SDK platform from the microsoft contains the above lib but the compiler produces the error "module machine type "IA64" conflicts with target machine type "IX86"(?)". I thougth that i may have wrong version or i need wXP or w2000 (i work in w98). I went into the microsoft to download the lib with no result. I did made a change into the settings from the "use MFC in a Shared DLL" to "Use MFC in a Static Library" resulting in error ("it needs the uafxcwd.lib").
If anyone has that libs just send it to the

MFC42.dll will reside in \winnt\system32 folder.

Better you check the path you set in the environment variables. If it is not there, give the above path.

Hope you know it.

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