Converting pixel value (byte) to integer value

i have used the pixelgrabber to grab pixels. When i tried to work on the individual pixel value from the integer array i found the values were actually byte values something like  (-7697782). I tried to type cast these byte values to integer. It works for certain values but for certain values i get only negative value (like -180 for -7697782). How do i convert the pixel array values to numbers within the range 0 to 255. or else how do i get an integer RGB value of a pixel within the range 0 to 255.

Someone help me in this regard.
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>  found the values were actually byte values something like  (-7697782)

This can't be a's too big...

What code are you using?  If you are loading the image with a Paletted ColorModel, then you will be getting palette entries back, not RGB colors...

Otherwise, you should have an array of int, then get the colors like:

int alpha = ( color & 0xFF000000 ) >> 24 ;
int red = ( color & 0xFF0000 ) >> 16 ;
int green = ( color & 0xFF00 ) >> 8 ;
int blue = ( color & 0xFF ) ;

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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
'byte' need not be cast to 'int'. If ever required, the conversion will be done automatically, because 'int' has more range than 'byte' and by default, 'byte' and 'short' are always converted to 'int' in expressions.

byte a = 5 ;
int b ;
b = a ; // valid - 'int' has larger storage and both are compatible types
b = ( int ) a ; // the (cast) is actually not required

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