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what is DC's?

can i ask what is the Domain controller(DC),and how it works?and why we need it?
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Well, that could be a whole book... actuall, there are whole books on the subject...

But, in trying to summarize:  A Domain Controler is, in it's base form, a user manager to let people log in to a network.  There are a couple of different flavors of Domain Controlers, but the main ones you'd see are the standard NT Domain Controler and an Active Directory (Introduced with Windows 2000.)  Both will hold a user database with group assignments for each user, which is where the benefit of the Domain scheme comes in.  A User can be part of one or many groups, be it Administrators or other pre-defined groups, or user/administrator defined groups that range from implementation to implementation (like a Sales group, or a Managers group, etc.)  Now, this usually deinfes a users' access to file shares or databases, when defining a share the Administrator can define individual users to be able to access the share, or whole groups (which if a user is added or removed from the group later the Domain Contoler automatically updates the access for that share to remove or add that user as they are associated with that group.)

So, really a Domain Controler works a lot like a Bouncer at a club with their list of who gets access by person or by group. (yeah, lame analogy, but it works)

A Domain Controler can also supply a "roaming profile" which can set user preferences for users that log on to multiple different workstations (and/or a single workstation that multiple users log on to.)  The Roamin Profile can set Visual Styles, automatic shares, remote file locations (like a server based "My Documents" folder,) and can run certain applications at startup for each user.  A Roaming Profile can also grant or limit other aspects of the workstation, like ability to run certain applications or utilize certain features.  An Active Directory can do that and more, but that would probably be too lengthy for this answer, but it is good to know an Active Directory can participate in a large campus situation better than a simple NT Domain can where there may be many small workgroups with their own Domain structure.
In a Windows 2000 Server domain, the domain controller is the computer running Windows 2000 Server that manages all user access o the network which includes logging on, authentication and access to the directory and shared resources.

A domain is a collection of computers defined by the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server network that share a common directory database. A domain has a unique name and provides access to the centralized user accounts and group accounts maintained by he domain administrator. Each domain has its own security policies and security relationships with other domains and represents a single boundary of a Windows 2000 network.

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I hope it can help.
"why we need it?"

Imagine a business with 250 computers and you are the admin who has to control which user / computer can access which network resources.

Without a domain controller, you would have to physically go to each computer and setup security for what you need.

With a domain controller, all changes are made to a central computer and propagate across the domain.  (You can have a domain span multiple buildings and prevent the need to leave your office to make changes to a remote location.)
Thats where BDC's come in.
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hema_jone_mickeyAuthor Commented:
hi all thanks all for this great help
rellay i can't decide whose answer to accept
rellay i don't know what can i do
Ok i'll try and some up all that into a few sentences (probably more)

A domain controller is a central point of Management in a windows NT/2k network. The domain controller is a server that holds a central databse of all the users/objects(computers, printers etc) and security settings for the entire network.

All clients connect to the DC via a lan/wan. Client computers then login, at which point the DC authenticates the user using a username/password system. The DC then sends information to the client computer with any machine specific or user specific data, e.g Dave is allowed to change the screen resolution but sally isnt.

So basically the entire network can be controlled from one central location, otherwise a techy would need to change the setting manually on each computer. For big comapnies with 100000 computers this is not possible, so the Domain structure was created to help us techy's skive outta work, i mean help to work more efficiently.

Hope that helps.

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