What is the best way to make my webpage file avail. from my LAN to 2 other users over the internet in linux?

This is my first post here so I'm sorry if my form is wrong.
This summer, myself and 2 others are creating a webpage.  I want to make the file available to us all for designing purposes from a linux computer behind our LAN w/ Linksys router.  I would rather not use FTP for them to take it because I don't want compatibility issues coming up because they were modifying it at the same time. I would prefer a "mapped network share" feel to it so that when they save the file on their computer, it makes the save on my linux server.  I have posted this other places and had suggestions such as "use ftp with ssh, and create a VPN, or use a Content Management system, or create a share with SAMBA" however, most of them were concerned with the security issue.  I cannot understand this because its not really important information, I don't think that a hacker would be interested in a webpage file thats not complete, perhaps my bank account yes, but this data is not that important.  However, if I'm wrong with the security issue then please tell me.  So, what is the best way? Thanks!
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The security problem is more along the lines of some hacker kiddie could upload code to your box and have your linux machine running circles around your head before you can blink twice.  I use 1 linux box for file sharing and someone found a new hack in SSH and the box was toast!  I learned a new lesson about security, FIREWALL everything and create very strict rules!

I agree with what you already said, use some type of FTP or content management system.  If you create your own management system (using PHP or PERL) you can create a system to notify when a file is being worked on.  This way if someone else logged on to modify the same file, they would see that someone else is working on the file.

Similar to a check-in / check-out system.
VenomQWAAuthor Commented:
There are some nice content management sys. prog's out there. I source forge has a ton.  You have to sign out/sign in a file when you are done modifying it.  That works well but I wanted to be able to have them simply map to the drive, perhaps with an internet samba share and do it that way.  I suppose my second alternative would be to do what you said, are there any possibilities of doing it securely with some type of share?
Not that I can think of.  If you use a share method how would your other users know that someone else is working on the file?
If it's an access DB it would know (because of the lock file) but for a webpage it has no way to know.

But just to get an answer for what you want,
you can use Web Folders to share a FTP site like it's a folder or share on your computer.
It prompts for the login information needed for the FTP and your computer treats it like a folder.

Here is an article I wrote a long time ago regarding Web Folders.  The only difference is the name of the icon you have to click first.

Using Web Folders with Windows 95/98

If you have Web Folders installed you can copy files to your web space just like you copy a file to a floppy disk.  On your desktop open "Network Neighborhood" and then "Add a Network place".  A dialog box will pop up asking you to type the location.  You should type in the URL to your site.

Using Web Folders with Windows Me/2000

Using Web Folders you can copy files to your web space just like you copy a file to a floppy disk.  On your desktop open "My Network Places" and then "Add Network place".  A dialog box will pop up asking you to type the name of the network place.  You should type in the URL to your site.

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VenomQWAAuthor Commented:
How do you think http://tikiwiki.sourceforge.net/ would work? I have been reading about it and it sounds nice, I suppose to can safely build the file here, have a small forum and mail for us to communicate with...sound good?

It looks pretty good, I think I'll be playing with that later tonight!
Thanks ;)
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