Firewalls and Os files??

I'm useing Win98 and I'm on dial up internet access I have a personal firewall running at all times, called Kerio a vary nice program. But now and then when I check the status I see new things on the list. 99% of them I know what they are and what to do with it but now I see this.

[Appliction]       [local IP add]  [remote add] [Status]  [cration time]  [Rx]
KRNL386.exe  TCP      IPaddress      ------    Listening     date/time     0
KRNL386.exe  UDP      IPaddess       ------    Listening     date/time    50
KRNL386.exe  UDP      IPaddress       ----     Listening     date/time     0

There is an IPaddress there but I didn't want to post it, you never know what people can do with to much info.

How is does my Keral have to do with the internet?
and why does only one UDP show as 50?
whats going on?

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Well Im not sure what your first question actually means...
Q . How is does my Keral have to do with the internet?
Sorry dont get it.  maybe clearify.

but in seaching i found this on port 50. do you have a mail program running?

re-mail-ck      50/tcp                          # Remote Mail Checking Protocol
re-mail-ck      50/udp                          # Remote Mail Checking Protocol

HuggyAuthor Commented:
I have figured out my own question sorry for any wasted time in this madder.

Again sorry.

All I did was set my firewall to block that file from getting out and nothing happened I was still able to send mail and get out to the Internet so we'll see what happens now..
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