ATX Power Supply Problem - PC won't POST

Old PSU got fried after a large lightning storm. I don't think any other hardware was damaged, but it's possible.
Installed the new PSU, now turning on the system seems to provide power to the motherboard, but ide drives don't spin up and the system won't actually turn on. The LED on the motherboard turns on, peripherals have power (keyboard LEDs work, as do the LEDs on the NIC), and the CPU and PSU fans both turn on.
I've taken out all unneeded items, it's just down to the CPU, video card, and RAM, but it makes no difference. The system basically sits there in a "half-on" state, it doesn't appear to be shorting out anywhere.
I've also tried a known-good power supply, an old pci video card, and have reseated the power supply connection on the motherboard numerous times, but all seem to have no effect.
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Do you have some other RAM you could use for testing? Also if this mother board has a battery pull it for about 30+mins to reset the BIOS. This will clear the BIOS and it might help. Could be the CPU took a hit.

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mfreethAuthor Commented:
Tried removing the battery to reset the bios - no luck. I don't have any other suitable RAM to test with, but I'll look into perhaps borrowing some or switching out the DIMMs in case one is faulty.

The motherboard is an ASUS CUV4X, with a P3-733mhz on it, 512mb of memory (3 DIMMs). The new PSU is a standard 300watt model, the one it replaced was 235watt.
check the mobo and look close........see the multiple cylindrical thingys ?........they're capacitors.......look close any sorta looking .......bulgy on top ?....if so they are stuffed and need replacing
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mfreethAuthor Commented:
I checked both the motherboard and cpu, and couldn't see anything obvious that would indicate a burn - testing each of the memory modules individually didn't give any different results either.
Pull the video card and see if the mobo beeps. If it does V/C or slot dead. If it doesn't beep then pull all the out ram as well (i.e. only cpu in mobo). Power it on and if it beeps your ram (or some of it) is dead. If it doesn't beep then pull the CPU and power on. If it still doesn't beep then the Mobo dead. If it does then just your CPU is cactus.

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mfreethAuthor Commented:
Thanks, verified that it was the CPU that had died. I guess it was about time to upgrade anyway...
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