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Loading Flash movies

Hi I am new to macromedia flash, (a novice) I was told loading movies will allow me to have smaller master movie file.
however I am having a problem with loadin a movie into my original movie.
My question:
lets assume I have a master movie called "untitled a" and 3 movies that I would like to load called movie 1, 2, and 3. How would I load movie 1 at time frame 50. movie 2 at frame 80 and movie 3 at frame 100. with out requiring an action from the user such as clinicing a button?

I also don't understand when you go to assign a movie at particular frame...it requires a url: which I know is the file name of my movie that i want to load...so in the above case I should put "movie1.swf" but what is the difference between level, and target, and what is the the next box for and what do i have to put there.?

please when explaining ur answer use lammen terms.  
thank you
1 Solution
what you propose is an unusual way to load movies into the main timeline..(untitled a)
usually the player is stopped on a frame and movies are
placed here and there and play or stop as required.
as you have asked how it would be done with 'untitled a'
running from 1 to 100..

you make a new movieclip symbol
don't put anything in it
open the library
drag an instance to the stage..(this is the 'target' that movie1 will load into)
in the instance name panel..write..movieOne
select frame 50 (which is a keyframe)
open the actions panel
put this code on the keyframe..

loadMovie("movie1.swf", "_root.movieOne");

so we've told the player to load the movie..movie1
and stick it in the target clip..called..movieOne.
the player would normally stop having done that as it's not
too clever after a big job with a 'running' timeline..
so we tell it as well..


that is..
(untitled a)..keep playing.

movie1 will load with it's top left corner in the very
center of the target clip..so you move this around accordingly.

the 'last box' you refer to is for an action that loads
variables..which is another story..and as this parameter
is optional..we can forget it here.

the alternative method using levels..uses the
loadMovieNum action

it's the same but instead of a target..we nominate an
imaginary layer.

untitled a..is level 0
so if we load a movie into level 1..it floats just above 0
we can load another into level 2 and that will float on
top of level 1..and so on
if you have a movie in level 1 and load another into level 1
it will replace the one that was there

loading into levels places the movie to the top left
corner of the stage..so the best way to control where it
appears is to make the stage of the incoming movie the same
as untitled a.

the code to do this..

loadMovieNum("movie1.swf", 1);

use either of these methods on your other keyframes at 80 and 100..and you're dynamically loading movies.

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