SpoolFile() method (GDI.DLL)

I've converted a 16bit application that use the SpoolFile API (GDI.DLL) to 32bit.  I upgraded the GDI function dclarations to GDI32, but saw no reference to SpoolFile.  Does the SpoolFile API still exist?  If so, where?  I checked Microsoft's obselete and deleted API listings, but SpoolFile is not mentioned.  
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Yes, it exists, but is called differently.


The ScheduleJob function requests that the print spooler schedule a specified print job for printing.

BOOL ScheduleJob(

    HANDLE  hPrinter,     // specifies printer for the print job  
    DWORD  dwJobID      // print job identifier


Handle that specifies a printer for the print job. This must be a local printer that is configured as a spooled printer. If hPrinter is a handle to a remote printer connection, or if the printer is configured for direct printing, the ScheduleJob function fails.
hPrinter must be the same printer handle specifed in the call to AddJob that obtained the dwJobID print job identifer.


Specifies the print job to be scheduled. You obtain this print job identifer by calling the AddJob function.

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE.
If the function fails, the return value is FALSE. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.


You obtain a printer handle by calling the OpenPrinter function.
You must successfully call the AddJob function before calling the ScheduleJob function. AddJob obtains the print job identifer that you pass to ScheduleJob as dwJobID. Both calls must use the same value for hPrinter.
The ScheduleJob function checks for a valid spool file. If there is an invalid spool file, or if it is empty, ScheduleJob deletes both the spool file and the corresponding print job entry in the print spooler.

See Also

AddJob, OpenPrinter


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Much more complicated than the previous Spool function :-( Maybe you should opt to send raw data by opening the LPT1 device by CreateFile and write directly. This is how I solved the problem best. There are situations where CreateFile cannot be used though.
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