c data base connection

I want to connect oracle 8.0 database into my c program
if you anyone having sample plz mail to my id

Thanking you
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Are asking for the entire OCI documentation?
Consult your
Oracle Call Interface Programmer's Guide
Oracle Pro*C/C++ Precompiler Programmer's Guide

You can find a lot of examples there.
Oracle provides code examples illustrating the use of OCI calls.
The demonstration programs are available with your Oracle installation. The location, names, and availability of the programs may vary on different platforms. On a Unix workstation, the programs are installed in the ORACLE_HOME/demo directory. On a Windows NT machine, the programs are located in the ORACLE_HOME\Oci\Samples directory.

Or do you mean that you need a function to connect to the Oracle database?
Use OCILogon()
This function is used to create a simple logon session.

sword OCILogon ( OCIEnv          *envhp,
                 OCIError        *errhp,
                 OCISvcCtx       **svchp,
                 CONST text      *username,
                 ub4             uname_len,
                 CONST text      *password,
                 ub4             passwd_len,
                 CONST text      *dbname,
                 ub4             dbname_len );

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