how to use terminal services in server and client applications for application sharing...

i am interested in developing a "Application Sharing" application.

I know VC++.  I hope Terminal Services in Windows 2000 Server can be used for my application. (I don't know exactly however...).  

When reading MSDN 2000, there is lot of references for functions, structures.   But there is no sample code even for a single function.

I have no idea about how to use that functions....

I also don't know what are header files, library files needed to use terminal services...


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bhaskeyAuthor Commented:
If terminal services cannot be used, suggest me some other technologies to develop "application sharing" software
Could you be more explicit, "application sharing" is not really detailled...
A terminal services program is indistinguishable from other programs except in two important aspects:
1.  If a single instance of the program services multiple users, you need to watch out for memory issues.  An example would be SQL server.  If your 'simple application' runs a copy of itself for each client, don't worry about this at all.
2.  File sharing issues.  If the program has to read, manipulate, put back data from a file then you need to take in to account the possibility that more than one user will try to read data that is "old" because another user has changed it but not yet saved it.  To get around this is fairly easy, just program flags on your data structures for available/not available.

Otherwise, there are no special functions, etc, that you have asked about.

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it's anything but a Server Application, like Exchange,SQL,Domino...

- Managing its queues for processing, file access will be the best way
- Using some semaphore to manage access conflicts
- Why not using sockets to contact the server

...but the Terminal Server is not here to help you, it shouldnt be considered as a developpment way to create multiuser application, as it's just like a virtual collection of PC's all-in-one
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