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Copy, Delete, Rename, Show Unix Files using C

I am trying to write a simple file management prog using a simple menu, can anyone help me start. Thanks in advance.  
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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Use a loop to display a menu as:

1. Copy
2. Delete
3. Rename
4. Show
5. Exit

and read the choice as an integer (or character). Based on this value, enter a switch statement block and perform the required operations in the corresponding case statement. Also provide for a default statement (invalid choice).


case 1: Read source filename, destination filename, and then copy (also check if the source-file exists, and whether a file by the destination filename is not already in existence - if so, then ask for another filename).

case 2: Read the filename and check if it is present. If yes, the delete it.

case 3: Read the filename and the new filename. Check if the file exists or not, and that a file by the new filename doesn't already exist. If allowed, then rename the file.

case 4: Read the filename. If the file is present, then read it (line by line, if its a text-file), and display it.

Now, if the choice was not 5 (exit), then loop again, else exit the program.

Hope that helps!


PS: Please don't ask for codes. Try to work out something and if you get any errors, then post it here so that we ca help you out.

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And for the functions you need for deleting, renaming, copying etc, pleas look at :

Search for rename/remove.
There is no ready made copy function. You need to to open the original file for reading, and create the new_file for writing, then read/write manually. Use these functions: fopen, fread, fwrite, fclose, feof;

Show is practically the same as copy, just copy it to stdout instead to a new file.

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