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DSL Connection Dropping During Downloads

I have a broadband connection (ADSL) to Virgin.net. It works fine until I start downloading files, at which point the connection drops and we have to reboot the modem/router to restore the connection. I have tried downloading from several sites, all without success. Most of note are the Windows Update and Nvidia download pages - the download commences and then the connection drops almost immediately. The only file I have been able to download are new soundcard drivers from the Creative (Europe) support site.

My PC: Recently (software) rebuilt - Win XP Pro (no service packs as unable to download), Pentium 4 2.5GHz, 512k RAM, GeForce Ti4200 graphics, Creative Audigy Live! 5.1 PCI card, DVD ROM, CD-RW.

Modem/Router: No branding (flatmate bought it, but visible HERE: http://www.maplin.co.uk/products/module.asp?CartID=030327101214805&moduleno=-11&modulecode= ) Uses Conexant web interface. Connected via microfilter to line, connected to 5-Port Ethernet hub via 10m Cat5e cable. 3 PC's connected to hub - 2x XP Pro, 1x Win2K Pro.
1 Solution
it might be the microfilter the ones included in these packs are sometimes not up to scratch if you can get hold of a more well known microfilter and try that it  may help.

Am i right in reading your post that you are powering the router externally and not through the usb ports on the pc if using the usb ports this could be a problem.
magicladAuthor Commented:
Cheers for your reply.

I have actually now resolved this problem myself by upgrading the firmware on the modem. I have now had continuous downloads working fine.
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