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My computer is Very Slow

The my computer is PII 533 and have 128mb Ram.
My opration system is windows98.
I reinstall my windows for many time but yet the load and open the windows in windows98 is slow.
what I have do?

1 Solution
Greetings, poorhoseini!
   Look at what is being loaded at startup. Select Start > Run and type "msconfig". From the Configuration Utility select Startup. Look at the programs that starts up and see which ones that you don't need. Uncheck them. Reboot. Don't uncheck Sys Tray and Scan Registry.

Identify StartUp Applications

Best wishes, war1
when you first install win98 is it fast and got slower after you have installed some software?
also what are you using your computer for? just for games, office application, drawing......
the computer you have is not the best that is for sure.. p4 3.3 ghz is available on the market today ... but this may not mean anything to you. if you can let us know what specific areas you need or you are using your computer for, then we can advise you something.. probably an upgrade will do the trick...
Prester JohnCommented:
If you have a hard drive that supports DMA [Direct Memory Access] you may have to enable it.
If your hard drive size is over 3-4 GB it will support DMA.
Go here:
Start>Settings>Control Panel>System>Device Manager
Click on the + at Disk Drives & double click Generic IDE Disk
Select Settings
Click on the box for DMA.
OK out & reboot.
It can make a TON of difference.
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1) Defragment your hard-drive regularly. This is under "Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter". This makes a big difference.

2) Remove any un-necessary start up programs and enable DMA like people have said previously.
3) Make sure your disks are FAT32. Use Drive Convertor for this ("Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Drive Convertor (FAT32)".

4) Set up your PC to be a "network server". Go to "Settings | Control Panel | System | Performance | File System" for this.

5) Remove un-necessary lines from autoexec.bat and config.sys using MSCONFIG. In autoexec.bat, you only need the "codepage" lines and the "keyboard.sys" line. In config.sys you only need "display.sys" and "country.sys". BE CAREFUL with this unless you know what you are doing!

6) Add some more memory if you can. Even another 64MB will make a big difference.
Generally, boot into the dos prompt, Press Alt F6 and
select the dos prompt.

On the C:\ type cd C:\temp (enter-key)
delete each item in that directory.

Change directories into c:\Windows\Temp and do
the same del each entry.

Change directory to Cookies, C:\Windows\Cookies
and do the same...

Change directory to Recent, C:\Windows\Recent
and do the same...

Change Directory to History, C:\windows\History
and do the same...

After cleaning all directories, return to the c:prompt.
by keyiing cd... several times to you see the
standard c:\.

Power off completely do not reboot, wait 5 seconds or
more before powering back on.

Invest into the a Cookie Washer program, this will
keep these directories clean.

After cleaning all directories, do a defrag on
the windows program, besure to turn off of tasks,
defragmentation can take up to 2 hours or more.

Do Defragmentation at least once a month.

Good Luck...

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Thanks, war1
poorhoseiniAuthor Commented:
I'm very sorry for late, Please excuseme.
and I did unable to send comment before accept answer.
Thanks for wedqepilot
My computer is better than before.
but automatically creat two hidden files: Folder.htt and Desktop.ini that do slowly clicking Folder for opening.
What I have do?

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