Can FOR command use double quote as a delimeter?

I'm trying to parse a text file using this common statement:

     for /F "tokens=1,2,3* delims= " %%a in (input.txt) do set rev=%%c

Unfortunately, my input.txt file looks like this:

     FIELD1     FIELD2      "FIELD3"

(The last field is in double-quotes)
Is there a way that I can use a DOS for command to grab just FIELD3 instead of "FIELD3" ?

Can special characters be escaped in DOS?

I'd hate to have to resort to SED or something to change the quotation marks into commas.


-Brian Adkins

Looks like I found a pre-existing answer...
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You can process "field3" to field3 with

set field3=%field3:"=%

or to change the '"' to ','

set field3=%field3:"=,%

SOME special characters can be escaped in DOS (NT/2K/XP) by being prefixed by "^" - but not all - including '"'

In XP the FOR command has a backquote option - but sadly iy only applies to (list) not to the "options" which must be in double-quotes. Now had this been implemented as a for-delimiter definition rather than fixed, it would have been much more useful. But then if I was a supervisor in that area, Microsoft may have taken up my suggestion. I'm not, so they continue to ignore me.


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brianadkinsAuthor Commented:

Hadn't thought about just postprocessing FIELD3 to get rid of the quotes after the fact!


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