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Excel XP remove the last digit from a column of numbers

I have a column containing several hundred customer numbers in Excel XP. I want to get rid of the last digit in each number (there are currently 7 digits long and I want to make them 6). How do I do this?
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1 Solution
Hello jghentley,

you could write your own VBA function which does what you did with the excel functions like

-first make a copy of your workbook and then proceed
-open the vb editor with alt+f11
-insert a new module
-then paste this code

Option Explicit

Function StripLastChar(Byval s as string) as string
end function

and call it in a loop like

Public sub RunMyfunction()
Dim c as range
For each C in selection
  'test for blank
  if c.value <> "" then
    'run function
    c.value = striplastchar(c.value)
  end if
next c
End sub

-now save this
-return to your sheet
-select all cells you want to run this funtion on
-then choose tools|macros|macro|RunMyfunction|run
-this will strip all last chars for the selected cells

Curt LindstromCommented:
Say your column is A1 to A500. In, let's say column B,  enter =left(A1,6) in B1. Copy B1 to B2 until B500.
To alter the numbers in the A column copy B column to A and use Paste Special and copy values. The B column can now be deleted.

BR/ Curt
jghentleyAuthor Commented:
Nice and simple. Works great. Thank you.
Curt LindstromCommented:
Thanks for the points!

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