Unable to Bind to DNS

I've recently setup a new webserver. It is running W2K SP3 and IIS5 with all available updates. I added it to our existing NT4 network, it is not the Domain Controller. I configured WINS and DNS on the W2K server to point to the corresponding servers on our existing network. Everything appears to be OK except for this one issue ... When I use a CDONTS/ASP email form from a website hosted on this new server I am unable to deliver mail within the network (griffis-blessing.com). However, mail is sent outside the network (i.e. @yahoo.com, etc.) successfully. I checked the Event Viewer on the W2K server and there's the following entry:

Event Type:     Warning
Event Source:     smtpsvc
Event Category:     None
Event ID:     4000
Date:          3/31/2003
Time:          8:18:31 AM
User:          N/A
Computer:     GBWEBSERVER
Message delivery to the remote domain 'griffis-blessing.com' failed for the following reason: Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this? I've tried to find info on that error message at the MS site, but no luck finding anything specific. Getting this to work is the last step in a big conversion process, so your help is appreciated. Thanks.
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I found this relating to SMTP extensions on an Exchange server.   Sounds just like the issue you're having.

Good luck


If there is an SMTP connector on the Exchange 2000 server that is experiencing this issue, the following error message may be logged in the System log:
Event: 4000
Source: smtpsvc
Description: Message delivery to the remote domain " xxx.com' failed. The error message is unable to bind to the destination server in dns.
Your mail may also seem to disappear. If you check the Exchsrvr\Mailroot\Vsi 1\Badmail folder, you should find the missing mail messages. In this case, the reason that mail cannot be delivered is often C0040557 (0xC0040557). You can verify that this is the cause of the issue by connecting to the server that is experiencing this issue as follows:
Open a command prompt window, and then type TELNET SERVERNAME 25.
Type CTRL+], and then type SET LOCAL_ECHO.
Press the ENTER key once to return to the telnet session.
Type EHLO, and then press the ENTER key.
The session looks like the following session:

220 server.domain.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.1600 ready at  Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:00:18 -0500
250-server.domain.com Hello []
250 OK
The following additional command verbs for the Exchange 2000 SMTP service are not present:

This issue can occur if the SMTP service for Windows 2000 has been re-installed, but the Exchange 2000 SMTP service extensions have not been restored.
To resolve this issue:
Make sure that the SMTP service is installed.
If the Windows 2000 service pack files are not on the computer, you may have to reapply the service pack. Verify that the SMTP service is the correct service pack version (Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 [SP1] or later) by checking the properties of Smtpsvc.dll in the following folder:

Re-install Exchange 2000 by running Setup and choosing the REINSTALL option. This backfills any missing files and metabase entries and does not affect the Exchange 2000 server settings or mailboxes.
Reapply any Exchange 2000 service packs or fixes.
In some situations, you might also need to follow the steps in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
277770 XADM: Event 7000 Occurs When Attempting to Start Exchange Service

If SMTP was the only IIS component that was reinstalled, then for Exchange 2000 SP2 or later you can use the SMTP Reinstall Tool (Smtpreinstall.exe) to restore the missing Exchange 2000 ESMTP verbs and the Exchange 2000 versions of the files. Smtpreinstall.exe is in the \Server\Support\Utils\i386 folder on the Exchange 2000 SP2 or later CD. Run Smtpreinstall.exe in place of the earlier Steps 3 and 4.

To run Smtpreinstall.exe:
Copy Smtpreinstall.exe to the \Exchsrvr\Bin folder.
Run Smtpreinstall.exe from that folder.
Restart the computer when you receive the prompt.

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griffisblessingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. Not sure it relates directly to my situation, but I'll give you the credit anyway. We are not running an Exchange 2K server, we still run 5.5. But through your suggestions I came to a conclusion that seems to have alleviated the problem. I decided to not "attempt direct delivery before sending to smart host". This simply routes all SMTP requests from our web sites to our Exchange 5.5 server. Now I can send in and outside of our network. Thanks again.
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