How many components are too much or too little.

Hello all,

I've been developing on the ASP side for a while and am now i'm responsible for designing a large web application using JSP/EJB/J2EE. I was just wondering when others were designing their component architectures for small, medium and large web applications, how many components did they use? What framework? My application is an online community and I currently have a design using 15 components and another 6 presentation components that will be scripted in JSP. Too much? Thanks in advance, I could use the comparisons.


PS: any links to J2EE architecture related topics is welcome ( besides the obvious at )
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It's difficult to make a gross generalization on how many components should be in a small or large system. It really depends on your underlying framework and architecture and the complexity of the application.

Without a full understanding of what you're doing it does not sound like your system is too out of line for a small project. A factor in the size of the system will be how much does each component do? The "ideal" architecture for JSP pages is to use the JSP page only for presentation. All processing is supposed to be handled by other components. In practice this is not always achievable or really desireable. Arguments can be made both ways but I believe that a simple, one-time function may be better maintained in the JSP page where it's used than creating one or more component Beans to manage it. It all comes down to your environment, internal structure (both company and application), and your goals and desires.

I've done small systems in as few as one and two components (simple SQL reporting) to utilizing 50 or more components when all the external parts are calculated in.

Larger systems I've been involved with can comprise many hundreds of components for each part with many parts to the entire system.

The primary factor should be whether the components all make sense for what you are doing, are they maintainable, and are the generic components generic enough that they can be utilized by other systems.

Here's a link for an article on creating reusable components:


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Not sure how you define components. but 15 components seems to me a small number. j2ee is hightly OOed, number of components should based on you architecture need, not based on a fixed figure.

although you said "besides the obvious at", but I would still say, is the best source, and that's where I would spend my time on. Have a good look at j2ee patterns, j2ee blueprint and specfications if you really want to dig into j2ee application framework.
codeburnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you comments, it really help give me some prespective on the problem...
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