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how to convert asp to php

HI, i have few pages created in asp, and i just found out that my webserver is not supporting asp (post method) they told me to use PHP. but i am still learning and i need to finish by end of this week. below code i need to tranfer in to PHP. can someone help me out please. Thanks.

ASP code

<body bgcolor="#786854"  text="#FFFFB9">

Const adOpenForwardOnly = 0
Const adLockReadOnly = 1
Const adUseClient = 3
Const adCmdText = 1

Dim conn, rs, connString, qString

set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
set oRs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")


conn.Open connString

Pictures Page
  Dim mypage, numpages, numrecs, pagesize

  mypage = CInt( Request("page") )
  If mypage=0 Then mypage=1

  pagesize = CInt( Request("recs") )
  If pagesize = 0 Then pagesize = 10    ' If we aren't given a value use 10

  Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
  rs.PageSize = pagesize
  rs.CacheSize = pagesize
  rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient

  qString = "SELECT * FROM Table1"
  rs.Open qString, conn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText

  numpages = rs.PageCount
  numrecs = rs.RecordCount

  If mypage > numpages Then mypage = numpages
  If mypage < 1 Then mypage = 1

  rs.AbsolutePage = mypage

  Response.Write("<P> <B>" & numrecs & " records found.</B>" )
  Response.Write("<BR> Page " & mypage & " of " & numpages & "</P>")


  Dim i
  For i=1 To pagesize
    If NOT rs.EOF Then
      'Response.Write(rs("Name") & " | " & rs("Data") & " <BR>")
      response.Write "<tr><a href='http://home.1asphost.com/Yash/images/" & rs("Images") & "'> <img src=images/" & rs("Images") & " border=5 celspacing=5 width=175 height=175></a></tr>"

    End If


  Dim x, lb, ub
  For x=1 To numpages
    lb = (x-1) * pagesize + 1
    ub = x * pagesize
    If ub > numrecs Then ub = numrecs
    If x <> mypage Then
      Response.Write("<A HREF=pictures.asp?page=" & x & "&recs=" & pagesize & ">" & lb & "-" & ub & "</A>")
      Response.Write(lb & "-" & ub)
    End If
    If x <> numpages Then Response.Write(" | ")


  Set rs = Nothing
  Set conn = Nothing


1 Solution
you don't really expect *anyone* will convert this code into PHP for "20 points", do you? :-)
ASP and PHP practically have nothing in common, so any 'convertion' of a ASP script will be a complete re-write of that very script -- with a few exceptions like the SELECT statement in the one you posted ;-)

There are some "ASP emulators" for PHP, but according to "them, telling you to use PHP", none is installed on their system.

1.) Your script is using a database, which requires a total different approach *and* a different database engine in a typical LAMP system.
I assume "they" are running a Linux box (the 'L' in LAMP), so may have access to a MySQL (resposible for the 'M') or PostgreSQL database server -- if at all --, and you should check this first.
Both DBs mentioned require different PHP code unless using a generic db-layer, and a proper 'mirror' of the DB tables you currently have in that Access file.
The PHP code to handle the database request also differs from the ADODB*) object model in ASP.
In general you can't simply use an Access MDB file on a linux box and you *should not* use one on a production server either.

2.) Your script appears to be some sort of an "Image/Picture Gallery". Instead of converting this one just go ahead an download one of the billion galleries available for PHP. Some of them require a database, some don't.
Get a simple one to start with, then get familiar with PHP and it's principles of databases connections, and then make "your script" as sophisticated as you want.
Btw: if you're familiar JavaScript you'll find out that PHP has much more in common with JS than VBscript/ASP.

Unfortunately I can't provide you with any link to a certain gallery-script because I always coded them by myself with respect to a site's specific layout etc.

Here are some links you can search for "gallery"
 - http://www.phpfreaks.com/
 - http://php.resourceindex.com/
 - http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/
 - http://px.sklar.com/search.html

They were all listed at http://www.php.net/links.php

And of course: go and get the PHP manual from http://www.php.net/download-docs.php (available in many languages)
If you are running Windows I recommend the 'CHM/Windows Help' format as it allows a full text search.

Have fun


*) there's an object oriented database abstraction layer for PHP (nice term<g>) called ADODB as well, providing similar functionality as and is AFAIK "inspired" by the "original" ADODB.
ydeewanaAuthor Commented:

First of all Thanks for the information. I know that  points are very low for this questions. I did not expect anyone to convert my code from ASP to PHP. There are few reasons i put my code there. one was when i put it, i did not know how that works. Second, when i search online, i found there are few converter which will allow you to convert code from ASP to PHP. Therefore i thought they someone might have done it.

anyway, Thanks again for providing me good information.

ASP to PHP conversion helper from
did this conversion by one button click:
(You may still need work on database part though...)
Good Luck.

<?php // require("../replacers.inc");

<body bgcolor="#786854"  text="#FFFFB9">
Pictures Page
   if($mypage == 0){$mypage=1;
   if($pagesize == 0){$pagesize=10;// If we aren't given a value use 10
   $qstring="SELECT * FROM Table1";
   if($mypage > $numpages){$mypage=$numpages;
   if($mypage < 1){$mypage=1;
   echo("<P> <B>" . $numrecs . " records found.</B>");
   echo("<BR> Page " . $mypage . " of " . $numpages . "</P>");
   for($i=1; $i<=$pagesize;  $i+=1){
         //Response.Write(rs("Name") & " | " & rs("Data") & " <BR>")
         echo("<tr><a href='http://home.1asphost.com/Yash/images/" . $rs["Images"] . "'> <img src=images/" . $rs["Images"] . " border=5 celspacing=5 width=175 height=175></a></tr>");
   for($x=1; $x<=$numpages;  $x+=1){
      $lb=($x - 1) * $pagesize + 1;
      $ub=$x * $pagesize;
      if($ub > $numrecs){$ub=$numrecs;
      if($x != $mypage){
         echo("<A HREF=pictures.asp?page=" . $x . "&recs=" . $pagesize . ">" . $lb . "-" . $ub . "</A>");
      }else {
         echo($lb . "-" . $ub);
      if($x != $numpages){echo(" | ");

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