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File Version Info

Posted on 2003-03-31
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-03
Can you send me a code that extracts version info of specific file. It should be language independent.

Question by:YisraelE

Accepted Solution

mnashadka earned 280 total points
ID: 8241528
I don't believe there is such a thing as "language independent".  If you want a C++ Windows version, here's something I hacked up (with some help from the MSDN website):
std::string GetVersion(char *file_name)
  std::string version_string;
     DWORD version_size = 0, dummy_size = 0;
  LPVOID version_ptr;
  DWORD lang;
  unsigned int v_size = 0;
  // Get the size
  version_size = GetFileVersionInfoSize(file_name, &dummy_size);
  if(version_size != 0)
    char file_version[256] = {0};
    char *version_info = new char[version_size];

    // Get the info
    if(GetFileVersionInfo(file_name, 0, version_size, version_info))
      int retVal = VerQueryValue(version_info, file_version, &version_ptr, &v_size);

      // Find the language description
      if (retVal && version_size==4)
        memcpy(&lang, version_ptr, 4);
        sprintf(file_version, "\\StringFileInfo\\%02X%02X%02X%02X\\FileVersion",
          (lang & 0xff00)>>8, lang & 0xff, (lang & 0xff000000)>>24,
          (lang & 0xff0000)>>16);            
        sprintf(file_version, "\\StringFileInfo\\%04X04B0\\FileVersion",

      // Get the version
      VerQueryValue(version_info, file_version, &version_ptr, &v_size);
      // Reset it
      version_string = reinterpret_cast<char *>(version_ptr);
    delete [] version_info;

  return version_string;


Expert Comment

ID: 8247107
Which only works, if a version info resource was compiled into the executable, which isn't by all means necessary. Basically, there is no such thing as a file version that would work across platforms. If you need version info, make sure to somehow compile into the executable and provide means for extracting them.


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