How can one go from Windows 2000 to Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Windows 2000 Data Center Server?

I have a Windows 2000 server.  In order to get Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server on this box, is this an install or an upgrade?  If it's an upgrade, will it wipe out my existing setup, i.e. database server.  Which server option is better and easier to upgrade to?
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Both server options you listed are the same?  To upgrade an existing Win2k Sever to Win2k advanced server would be the recommended route, unless the Win2k server was an upgrade from NT or your are ready for a clean start.  If you want a clean start, build it along side the existing server and copy the global catalog over.
kelleegrlAuthor Commented:
Revision:  Please replace the second reference of Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Windows 2000 Data Center Server.
Regardless of what I have stated, as a rule I really do not like upgrades.  But when it comes to DCs it is the route of least resistance.  I will not perform an upgrade however if one has already been done or multiple admins have been doing god only knows what on the server.

I assume this is not a work server or you wouldn't be considering it. You ask which of advanced server and datacentre server is better? depends on how much you have to spend, what hardware you are putting it on, and what it will be used for. If you need to ask you are probably better off leaving it as 2k server as there's not much benefit from adv. server unless you need to cluster some servers, put more processors in, or stick in a massive amount of RAM.

You'll have to put together a database recovery procedure before running any upgrade anyway, and seeing as you'll have worked all that out you may as well use that procedure to do a fresh install. an upgraded server will always be slower than a fresh install and you'll have less of an idea of how it is put together, what versions of what files it is using etc.


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Could you manage an upgrade of the server from W2K to either Advanced or Datacenter.

I'm considering doing the same but it seems that no upgrade setup from Microsoft are available anyway.

Fresh install may be the only solutions.

If you really to update it I know for sure that you can upgrade to Windows 2003 Server. This last one manage more RAM and CPU.

Let me know...
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