Screen Locks Up & wont let me do anything until about 700,000,. bytes or more are passed into my Comp?

This just started to happen to me about 7 months ago!. I thought it was just a secure thing that the sites
started to impose on visitors? However I am not so sure now!. Here is the problem:  
When ever I go to my Wells Fargo site to review my Account Status, And before I am able to put in my
SSN and Password, The page FREEZES!, Can't Stop it or back out of the page, and between 30,000 and
80,000 Bytes of info is sent and between
700,000 and 1,300,000 are received?. Now this just started to happen when I am selling an Item on Ebay,
And I have contacted the Ebay support people and they said to dump my Ebay Cookies!, Which I did!, And
it continues to happen?. Well I have downloaded "PEST PATROL" and "AD-AWARE" and Updated both and ran them,
and this problem still persists!. Am I just being Paranoid, or does anyone think I am justified in my
worrying?.  I am Not a Computer person! I am just an Old retired GI who uses the internet (Ebay) to make
up the difference between my retired pay and the real world costs, and to me this could be real Trouble!
Any assistance would be Greatly appreciated. EdReno.  
I Have a Gateway That has a Pentium 3 Processer, and it uses Windows 98 5.50. and it also has the Secure package. I have this problem with other
sites also!  Saturday while doing my Ebay thing, and this started to happen, It was interupted with the Expired Certificate warning? And I queried the box and it gave me these address:  . Now how could they have a Certificate on my machine? And where is it? Thanks folks, I need the help. Just remember when responding to this Plea for help, You are talking to the Village Idiots Closest living relative where computers are concerned.
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Know anywhere I can find a BC Scope in good condition?

Try running SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.2 it's been rated higher in PCWorld (for what that's worth.)  Also you may want to download Stinger from McAfee, it's free and can catch some trojans that virus software and these other scanners cannot.

You may want to upgrade to IE 5.5 SP2.  I do not recommend IE 6 as it wa sreally written for XP, you'll see a lot of scripting errors if you install that.

I dont think you're being paranoid.
But I would suspect browser problems also.

Have you tried any alternative browsers?
I personally trust Opera far more than IE or Netscape.

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I agree with MSgeek that you might want to upgrade IE , but Internet Explorer 5.5 with service pack 2 is no longer avaiable for download from Microsoft. However, you can still get the lastest security update here:

And using another "spybot" finder is a good idea.

The activity your seeing when going to a "secured" web page is normal. Before the page is displayed your computer and the web site will exchange a certificate that is used to verify the company and to encrypt any information you type into a web form. If the information in the certificate is "invalid" ( for example if the certificate name doesn't match the web site's URL "name" or if the certificate is expired) then you get a warning asking if you still want to use the certificate. The certificate will still work no matter what (IE: it will still encrypt your data), but the certificate won't be a guarantee that your dealing with the right company. Any site that deals with financial information should have a valid certificate from a valid 3rd party CA, if they don't I would think twice before using them. (In other words, you would never get any "errors" or warnings about a certificate when dealing with a bank for instance.)

It sounds to me as if your web browser is "choking" during the exchange of the certificate. You might want to delete all cookies on your system not just the Ebay ones. If that still doesn't work you may have no choice but to upgrade to IE 6.

Perhaps others will have some other tips I have forgotten.

Good Luck :-)
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EdRenoAuthor Commented:
Hi MSGeek,  
I just tried that Stinger! and it found a Virus! The same one in TWO different Folders! ie: W32/SirCam . Dat Virus!
Thanks for that! But It didn't help my problem! I have gone to MSN's download site and they don't have IE 5.5 SP2 But they do have the upgrades for it?. Where can I get the IE 5.5 SP2? Thanks MSGeek.
EdRenoAuthor Commented:
Hi Talamasca,
I'll look into that Opera browser, Thanks.
EdRenoAuthor Commented:
Hi Ghost Hacker,
I have downloaded the IE 6, And went into a few sites that have been giving me problems, And down on the bottom bar where loading action is shown, THERE IT WAS! ie: ADFARM.MEDIAPLEX.COM ! Thats whats been tieing me up! I have NO Idea how to deny them access, But I am going to try! Thanks Ghost Hacker.
Ed.. go to tools, Internet options.  What does it give for your home page address?  If its has anything that includes ADFARM.MEDIAPLEX.COM change it.  You may want to change it anyway.  The reason I say this is that link ADFARM.MEDIAPLEX.COM seems to take over browsers in a way that you are browsing through their site to the sites you want go to.

Also with regard to that virus.  Update your current virus software and perform a full scan of all files, you may want to perform the scan from safemode.  You may also want to run this tool:
Ed.. any reason in paticular that you accepted the answer you did??  MSGeek
Just a guess...
He's  tried Opera for a couple months - liked it, and doesn't have anymore of those problems he was describing.
But, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
EdRenoAuthor Commented:
Hi Talamasca,  
I talked to some people here in Reno and they all agreed that it was an Explorer problem!
So I  got Netscape, which I had on an earlier Computer, and all is well.  since you were the
one that advised me to change browsers I gave you the points!. Thanks to all of you for
your Patient assistence!. ED.  
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