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scheduling an "at job" from a web page

I need to schedule an "at job" from a webpage.
The www user is added in the file at.allow

The following two lines in my perl script are supposed to do the trick

$mycmd = "at -f /home/scripts/jobs/uptime_rpt -t ".@store[2].@store[1].@store[4].@store[5];

I have printed out $mycmd and it looks okay to me.

When I checked the apache error log, I found a message

job 1049142180.a at Mon March 31 14.47.00 2003
i dont know what is wrong with this? Infact the values and everything matches what is entered by the web user.

However I am sure the job is not scheduled because when i use ps to list the processes I do not find the uptime_rpt script running.  

Please let me know whats wrong if you know..Thanks a lot:)

1 Solution
It may have run and have errored off.  Might check the email for the username www.  Does the username www have a shell associated with it?  If not, the at job can not run.  Try to "su - www" then see if you can run the job manually and see what happens.
Try doing this instead of the system() call:

my $response = `$mycmd`;
print "<pre>" . $response . "</pre>";

This ought to show you what the "at" call responded with.
manadAuthor Commented:
hey thanks:) thast exactly what happened. the script was running but errored out. so now i have fixed the script and everything works well!

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