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Posted on 2003-03-31
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Hi, I have information like the one shown below stored in a MSFlexGrid. It dislplays the data very nice, but I need to save this data to an excel file as the way it looks below. The program I have written, loops through the rows and stores each of them on top of the one before (overwrites the previous row).I think I need an array of two dimmensions to get it to look in excel the way it looks below (not sure). Any ideas? For example, if I run the program and save it to an excel file, this saved filed will show only the last row (6.). I need to show all six rows. Explain your solution please since I am still a beginner. Thank you  

1.   300        232     3644     7674564       6743    222
2.   56757     78788     43     3452       45789   783
3.   2452       4564     78445     266       457       842
4.   23445     56     746     67       5689       565
5.   56757     78788     43     3452       45789       783
6.   2452      4564     78445     266       457       842
Question by:caleno

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Here's how I do it in my project. I have the data in an array, then send it to Excel as follows:

You need a loop to increment the row in excel for each row in the grid

For X = 1 To UBound(arrGageData, 2)
For Y = 1 to 8
ApExcel.cells(X, Y).Value = arrGageData(Y, X)


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OOPS! I hit POST accidentally!

HERE is how its supposed to look:

For x=1 to ubound(arrGageData,2)
   For Y = 1 to 8
   ApExcel.cells(X, Y).Value = arrGageData(Y, X)

The loop goes thru row and column of both the array and the spreadsheet. Note that in MY project, I switching X & Y as it goes from array to Excel.

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you don't need a multi-dimensional array, just a row and column counter. Which is what Thanbor has effectively done with an array.

a "For . . . next" loop with a varible that starts at one
you could then embed another loop to count
for WhatRow = 1 to RowCount
for WhatColumn = 1 to ColumnCOunt
[code that writes to Excel]
next ColumnCount
next WhatRow

of course you'll need to give the values for RowCount and ColumnCount variables.

Working with Arrays can be confusing, especially when it comes to dynamically defining an array. It may be a good way for you to figure out how arrays work; however its not necessary to use an array for this function.

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