Outlook problem after Windows 2000 Repair

After dong a repair on Windows 2000, it mess up Outlook.  It will not authicate the name anymore.  After clicking "Check Name" it give an error message stating that it cannot locate the address book.  And it won't authicate the name.  Everything else works fine on.  I'm able to browe the internet and connect to all the server, even the Exchange server.  Any ideas?

Thank you all in advance,

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duncs2112Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Apply / reapply sp3. do you have any other exchange servers you can try typing in the server box? can you 'check name' using any other user names? how about if you put the IP of the exchange server(s).

Can you browse to a sha

can you telnet to port 25 of the exchange server?

telnet %servername% 25
I would check which address book you are checking the name from. Is it a local contacts list, address book or global address list? And what version of Outlook is this dealing with?
Are you certain the Ipconfig is correct and you can ping the Netbios name of the exchange server?

If so delete the outlook profile and recreate it.

if that doesn't work, delete the user profile and recreate it.

If that doesn't work reinstall outlook.

yackkoAuthor Commented:
Yep.  I have a valid IP.  I can do everything on the network except authicate my name on the exchange server.  I've clean Office completely, and re-install it.


yackkoAuthor Commented:
Accepted solution from 'duncs2112' because he responded more even though his solution didn't correct the problem, it's the thought that counts.
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