Intermittent Lockup Issues

Hey all. Been reading the site for a couple weeks, but this is my first post.

Ok, my issue is I have some intermittent lockups. They are pretty rare, so it is more of an annoyance than anything else. I can usually track these issues down, but this one has proven to be rather elusive. I've ran 3 different diagnostics programs. Two of them I ran in Burn-in Mode and had no issues or locks. The 3rd is a DOS based utility, in which I recieved a little more feedback.

When I run a memory test, the system will lock while its checking the external cache. My CPU is an Athlon Thunderbird on a VIA KT133 chipset board. Now since the L2 cache is built on the CPU, is it a foregone conclusion that my CPU is going bad? Or is there possibly other issues that I'm not aware of?

I've also ran Memtester and found no issues. Also ran the DOS utility with only 1 stick of RAM in on all 3 sticks. Any ideas?
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WBaldwinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use a program called Memtest86 to check the memory (note: it runs forever)

As for the CPU, generally if its bad... it just dont run(most cases).
My guess would be your motherboard.
XP pushes the hardware likes its never been pushed before so when you convert over to it.. its a radical change and if there are problems in the hardware they will start to be seen at that time.

Unfortunately I am unable to locate any mainboard testing softwares but if that board came with a software CD to check the temp that might help.

Although just because the system is not heating up it does not conclude to it being the cause for the lock. Usually general locks are caused by memory leaks or hardware failures.

Check to make sure your running the latest drivers on your video card as well. Then keep a copy of it on hand and uninstall it and run the one from the installation CD. Check to see if the problem still persists with the original driver.

Basically you get the gist of what Im saying. Return items to there original configuration and test each one(1 at a time) until you find the culprete. If all results in the same then your problem is hardware related.
If you have any friends with the same board then test out on his board.
Hook up your hard drive, video card, CPU, Memory on his/her board and see if you get the same results.
Then start pulling one by one (testing after each) from the system to isolate the problem.
What might help this post a bit is:
1. What is your OS?
2. What is your system spec?

Is there a certain application that you can run that will always give you a lock up or is everything a intermitten(I cant spell).

If your CPU is going bad then gennerally you will get nothing at all.
Are there any heating up issues. Does your board have a temp gauge?

If your memory tested out OK then the problem my and very well be your board.

I recently had similar issues when I upgraded my system to XP. System ran fine on 98, but when I went to XP (since XP pushes the hardware more) it started locking up.

If you are using XP or 2000 then also check the error log before the lock and see what application was running that created the issue.
crafty_handleAuthor Commented:
My OS is XP Pro.

System specs:

Athlon Thunderbird 1Ghz
AOpen KT133 Motherboard
416MB PC133 RAM
GeForce2 Pro 64MB DDR
SB Live! Value soundcard
D-Link 10/100 Ethernet
Acer 52x CD-ROM
Mitsumi 4x CD-R

The lockups occur anywhere, but are most common when I have Internet Explorer up and I'm browsing webpages. Its not exclusive to that though. The CPU is definately not overheating. I've checked it several times. Even after hours of fairly intense gaming.

I've also replaced the power supply recently, but still have the same issues as before. I've done a pretty fair amount of testing and troubleshooting and am pretty sure the problem lies in the CPU, Motherboard, or RAM - but haven't been able to isolate it.
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