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Linux COnfiguration

Hi, I wanted to host my domain so I installed RedHat Linux 7.2, now Ive got it installed as server version, I wanted to set up BIND, FTP, MAIL, APACHE, etc... I setup apache right and I "thinK" i also got BIND set up, now I wanted to install php and mysql and I kept getting errors when i try to install the rpm file like, dependicies not there. Can someone please help me? Thanks!
1 Solution
for easy software management on a redhat system you have
two options:

1. up2date
2. Ximian Red Carpet

using up2date is easy, but it is a command line, it grabs whatever
you want off RedHat's FTP server and installs it for you.
to install php, just run up2date (or up2date-nox) -u php
mysq: up2date -u mysql-server

Ximian Red Cardpet is a nice GUI to add/remove packages, also
does everything over the network, to get go to
http://www.ximian.com/products/redcarpet/ and download the
rpm and install it, run it using 'red-carpet'

good luck
Like Ive answered your previous question:
I think you should use WebMIN to do it, webmin can help you configure everything and install Package and download and install from RedHats.com server all in one. I think if you wanted to run your own server, you should definitely use WebMIN, I told you that in your other question, I didnt know if it w0rked for you.
free0o0o0oAuthor Commented:
Yes, thankyou drag0n, it w0rked and Ive solved everything except for the DNS part, I still dont know what to put for all the blanks such as master IP and stuff, even after I configured a domain based on their sample domain: localhost, I still dont think it worked, can somebody maybe walk me through it step by step again?

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