Hi. I am thinking of buying a dell inspiron 600m [centrino].
I only have a certain budget and are faced with these two choices.
would I be wiser to choose a 1.3 with a 64mb video card or the 1.4 with a 32mb card. The price is the same. Thanks
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Well it is unlikely you would see any difference between 1.3 and 1.4 CPU so if the Video card is the only difference why not go with the 64MB one especially if you are into gaming

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Well, an Inspiron is a laptop, so I'm not sure it's an ideal choice for gaming anyway. However, if you DO want to play games, then CrazyOne's advice of going for the 64Mb graphics card is good...
Thats what I was thinking pjknibbs. If it is a laptop, I would take it that you aren't purchasing it to play games. If I am correct, then you won't need anymore the 32mb video (which is plenty for the laptop anyways). If this were my laptop, I would probably go with the faster processor. If you do enjoy playing games, then go with the faster graphics card. The difference between 1.3 and 1.4 is nill, so its all about what you feel would fit you better.
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mjmcinerneyAuthor Commented:
I am not much of a gamer, but I would use it to watch the occasional Dvd.
The memory on the graphics card shouldn't make much of a difference in that case, so I'd go for the faster processor (especially if you intend to use a software DVD decoder).
go with the faster processor...the extra 32 megs is nill difference(well so is the extra .1) but in your case the faster proc is they way to go...

are the graphics cards created equal?

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