Installing win2k over network

I have a laptop PC I just bought that doesn't have a cd-rom.  Is it possible to setup a "direct cable connection(parallel or serial)" to it and install over that connection?  If so, how do I do this thanks. :)
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If you have NIC, you can use the existing OS to connect via Net and copy CD-ROM image to harddisk. It is faster than using serial or parallel cable.
You can do that, but you don't want to. It would take a long time to copy the data across to your local HD, and you're going to keep having these issues where you can't get stuff onto your laptop. Buy a pcmcia network card and be done with the '80's methods!

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Here's another trick, find a friend with a similar laptop with a CD, or another one in the company if applicable.
Take the hard drive out and pop it into the other Laptop, run through the install, till it has copied all files over (after the 2nd reboot I think?? Could be a third?) then take it out and pop it back into the original chasis.

Win2K is good with most drivers, and once you have loaded the NIC, you can copy stuff over the network.

This is best if you want to completeley format the entire hard drive, i.e. if you had a virus, and generally quicker (in my opinion)

Of course, if you dont have a 2nd laptop, it is kind difficult, but a handy trick never the less :)

Good Luck
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derek4716Author Commented:
  Just to clear things up, I forgot to mention the laptop has NO Operating System.  I just wanted to know how to install the OS without a NIC card...The laptop is just for occasional word processing and I don't feel the need to buy a NIC for it.  How exactly do I use a serial or parallel cable to install?  I know it takes awhile but I also have awhile :)
I dont know about installing over a direct connection.
Your best bet would be to get a hold of a cd rom.
If you can borrow a USB cd rom, then you can install win2k pro by making 4 boot floppies, then pressing F6 when booting off the first floppy.

This will give you the option to add additional drivers, you can then install the USB drivers for the cd rom if they are not detected (you will need to have the drivers on a floppy)
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