have DSL network w/hub not workin well wondering about router or switch

Posted on 2003-03-31
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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I live in a house with 5 computers.  Our current neworks is pretty bad, we only use it to share our DSL connection and that is not very good either.Basicly we have 1 computer that has 2 nic cards; one the dsl connection comes into from the modem the other goes out to a hub that the other 4 are connected too and share the internet connetion. this setup has never worked properly.  The main computer has no problems but the others cannot access many sites on the net, this has recently gotton worse. we are fed up with it and need some help. any suggestions would help.  other than that we are concidering purchasing a router but can only find 4 or 8 port router that fit in our budget.  i was thinkin about a switch becuase  they have 5 port ones but am not sure if this is a good idea or how to make it work any suggestions??? thanks
Question by:vw_bug73
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Accepted Solution

Bindoliny earned 100 total points
ID: 8243095
If your sharing the internet I would suggest a router. As it will be able to direct the information to the clients alot better than a switch. You can plug the modem into the router then either plug the clients into that or use your hub (using the uplink port on the hub) and plug the clients into that. If you go with a router I would suggest a Netgear. I own 2 of them and have never had a problem. The newer ones are comepletely plug and play. Hook up the router and it does all the settings it self. How nice =)

Assisted Solution

Nerdstream earned 100 total points
ID: 8253613
I need a little more information about your hub.  I had a simmilar problem with my setup and found that running the hub in 100Mbit mode did not work well with the interfearance from electrical devices in the home.  You might try this.

On each computer that is connected to the hub open the control pannel and network connections - select the network card and properties - then under advanced set the speed to 10Mbit Full Duplex on each card and reboot.

The problem can be that the cat5 cable you have run from the hub to the other 4 computers my be running over a electical noise maker - IE: conduit - a/c duckting - floresant lamp - balast ect..  these units will affect signal in your cable - the 10Mbit signal is more able to withstand this than the 100Mbit signal.

Hope this helps you with your issue.

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ID: 8256491
how are your clients' tcp/ip settings set up? dhcp? dns servers? "can't access many sites" makes me think that they are using the main computer as a dns server.
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Definitely choose the router option.  Your current network problem comes down to “collisions”.  The info from every pc is sent to every hub port when communicating. Routers and Switches route info to a specific port, Thus low collisions/low bandwidth usage. I currently use a Belkin router; it cost $30 after rebates. It only has a 4-port switch, so it wouldn’t fit your needs; but I’m sure you can find one that does at a low price. Just keep in mind that DSL is a great option for a home network, but I wouldn't expect the same blazing speed with 5 pc's as with 1 or 2...

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ID: 8256763
Jcurtiss, you may be right! VWBug73 does say that he is sharing an internet connection, I guess we can assume he is using Windows ICS. Of course, a router would eliminate the need for that...

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ID: 8258872
Switch is a device that directs traffic to the desired port vs sending them all over till it is recieved..

Hubs are like extension cords for the most part

Routers take an ip adress from the uplink port, then generates random ip's to the other ports to allow 1 ip to be shared.

Now days most hubs are switches..

Most routers also use switches

The thing that will determine what u need to buy will be wether or not your isp charges for extra ips - etc.

Most do, and an ip can cost anywhere from 5-15 dollars from what ive seen. So get an 8 port router, then u can "share" the connection w/o extra monthly fees.
But if your isp would be cool with giving 5 seperate ips to you for no charge.. get a switch

Because that way you can setup a machine to do internet hosting, file sharing  - etc or if youre gamers, its easier to setup a cs host game (for instance) if you have your own xternal ip on the pc.. otherwise u gotta jump thru extra hoops if your friend in cinncinatti wants to match ya.. etc

Yes, the speed will be trash.. and if you are all avid downloaders, lemit the upload k/p/s or you wont be able to grab web pages and such if 2 people on on kazaa w/ standard settings.. (unless of course u guys have a 3m D/l and 3m u/l dsl service ;)

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Good luck
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ID: 8263885
If you already have a PC with 2 NIC's, you can try a software router called freesco. This fits on a floppy (which is bootable, so you don't need to "install" it) and it has worked flawlessly for me (similar setup) for more than a year. Take a look at www.freesco.org and see if it looks interesting.


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