Retrieving Excel data via ODBC/SQL into Crystal reports v6

I am trying to retrieve data from an Excel 97 workbook to Crystal Report version 6.0 via an SQL and(?) ODBC connection.
First created an ODBC connection via ODBC administrator via the Start, Configuration panel. Then I used that as input for the report. This worked fine, the report showed what it should show.

However, after I installed Access 2K on my machine (for other purposes), the report doesn’t work no more.

As long as I don’t use the ‘Verify database’ function in Crystal report, the report still works fine. However after I have used that function Crystal report gives the error message ‘memo field not allowed in formula’ and shows the formula editor with that ‘memo’ field. Crystal report doesn’t show where in the report definitions this formula is used.

Apparently Acces 2K has modified the Excel-SQL-ODBC connection.
The SQL/ODBC tool (delivered via Seagate Crystal reports) reports the following:
ODBC Version is : 03
SQL Driver Name is : ODBCJT32
SQL Driver Version is : 04.00.3711
SQL Driver Supported ODBC Version is : 03
SQL DBMS Version is : 08.00.0000
Also this tool shows that now all datetime fields have a length of 19, all number fields have a length of 15 and all text fields are varchar with length of 255.
However in Crystal reports the date fields are also text fields with length 255.

I have tried to uninstall the Excel-conversion module from Access 2K. After that the error still occurs.

I have tried to use the ODBC administrator with Crystal report v6, but then an error shows up like ‘version of administrators program is not same as dll file’.

Who can help me out? I think I am using wrong versions of dll-files of ODBC and/or SQL, but which is the case and where can I find updates for these?
Or is the solution only in buying an update to a more recent version of Crystal reports or using another spreadsheet tool instead of Excel?

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Have you tried reinstalling CR and the Jet 4.0 drivers from M$.


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