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I need more connections

I use Apache1.3 on Unix.
Apache allows up to 256 clients to be connected at the same time. But in my application more clients (maybe 3000 clients) want to get connected at the same time.
What can i do?
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Hi HowUCan,

The would need to adjust the MaxClient directive in httpd.conf.  However, this is pre-coded to 256.  The instruction is to edit the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT in httpd.h and rebuild apache.

Take a look at this doc.

hope this helps.
HowUCanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, samri.
But if i change HARD_SERVER_LIMIT to 3000, Apache may create 3000 processes. Is the number too large?
The HARD_SERVER_LIMIT is just a preset celing that is hardcoded into apache binary.  The actual limit is set during runtime in httpd.conf, MaxClient directive.  Even though you had 3000 set to your HARD_SERVER_LIMIT, but in your httpd.conf, you had MaxClient to 256, the maximum concurrent connection would be 256, not 3000.

One way that you could monitor is using Apache internal status monitor (mod_status).  Please refer to mod_status documentation for a more detailed explanation : http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_status.html

BAsed on the report, adjust you MaxClient accordingly so that there are a number of idle process ready to serve new clients.  Having too many idle client is not that good either since it will consume server resources for nothing.

No number is too large, it;s just depend on how busy your site is.  

"No number is too large, it;s just depend on how busy your site is"

Very true!

But, at the end of the day, you're throwing the data back down a COMs line. How fast is that?

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