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Hard Drive Problems

ok... i am running windows 98 on my pc and have a 2 gig harddrive which runs fine. I have recently bought a 30GB hard drive but windows doesnt seem to recognise that it is there correctly. It seems to show up in the bios setup, and also seems to be there when i bring up the device manager in windows and open up "disk drives". When i click on it in here and go to the bit where it is assigned a drive letter it does not have anything in the box and will not let me put anything in it... it is all greyed out, and so are the drop boxes where you can reserve letters.

It has been previously suggested that i upgrade my BIOS but i dont know where to start with doing that...

any help would be greatly appreciated...

1 Solution
What type of computer do you have?  It may not support the 30G drive.  That is why the BIOS upgrade was suggested.
Have you done an FDISK and partition on the drive?  If not, follow these instructions.

Download a boot disk from www.bootdisk.com and boot on it
FDISK /mbr
FDISK and remove the partition(s)
recreate the partition(s)
Reboot on the boot disk

FDISK /mbr rewrites the boot sector of your hard drive.  This is good just in case you may have some boot sector corruption due to virus or some other foe.
Removing the partition(s) is option 3 in FDISK I believe.  this guarantees that you will not have any leftovers from the old installation.
Recreating the partitions is option 1.  You should be able to only create one partition and make sure you chose large disk support when you started FDISK if you have a drive larger than 2G.
FORMAT C: formats the drive as you already know.  There is no need to put /s on it since that will be taken care of by the 98 installation.
You create a CABS directory on your hard drive and put the installation files there for faster and easier installation.  It is also quite easier when you need to add hardware or make config changes.
SETUP starts the Win98 installation.
dccrazyAuthor Commented:
the pc is very old... it's got a pentium 2 233Mhz processor... its a gateway 2000 pc
Like slink9 states above, it sounds like you have not yet partitioned your hard drive.  It has to first be partitioned and then formatted before you can use it.
Also, if your bios does not support int13 extensions, you will only be able to acces 8.4G of the drive.  If this is the case, you will either have to upgrade your bios to one that supports larger hard drives or install drive translation software on the hard drive (you can most likely get this from the drive manufacturer's web site if it was not included with your drive).
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Nope.  That is not likely to support a 30G drive.  Pop the floppy in (that came with the drive) and boot the computer.  It will tell you what to do.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Hmm, I think a P2 should be able to use a 30GB drive, might need a BIOS update though first as you suggested slink9.  SOunds like the major issue is that the disk isn't fdisk'd as indicated above.

dccrazy:  What is the serial number from the system?  We need it to get a BIOS update from Gateway which may allow you to use the full 30GB without installing the Drive Overlay (EZBIOS or something similar) which came with the new drive.

The EZDrive should be a last resort if the BIOS update doesn't fix things.  It sounds like this system may be a bit old.  Considering my experience with Gateway support, I would ditch the thing and get a Dell, but that is based on my bad support experience.  Maybe it will work for you.
Definitely use the drive overlay SW that came with the drive. If Gateway support is anything like it used to be, you won't even find a recent BIOS update. If you didn't get a SW disk with the drive, go to the manufacturers website to download. Depending on the computers role, you may consider getting another one though. I have an old Compaq 200MhzPentium Which works fine with various work arounds, but I can't even get an IDE cable from anyone but Compaq. The proprietary BS that these competetors employed in the past is truly horrendous...
>"The proprietary BS that these competetors employed in the past is truly horrendous... <"

I for one can feel your pain. Proprietary IDE cables, now that is BS. :(

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