Distributed routing decisions

    We have planned to do the following as a project as a part of our curriculum. The system we have decided to implement consists of a virtual router server and virtual router clients which share the load of the virtual router server in making routing decisions.When the number of packets to be routed is very large and keeps increasing, other systems(called virtual router clients) come to the aid of the server in routing them. The server sends the packets it receives to the clients ,the clients make the routing decisions and send the packet back to the server and the server injects the packet back into the network.
     We want to know if such a system already exists and if so what is its technical name.
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epylkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems to me your system would actually increase the load on your virtual router server.  The server would have to take time to decide if it should route the packet, forward the packet, wait for the packet to return, and then forward the packet.  Why not just forward the packet in the first place?  Isn't deciding to forward a packet to a given client "routing"?

Anyway, I'm not aware of anything quite like you propose, although there are implementations of algorithms that distribute the forwarding logic.

For example, Cisco has many line cards for routers that use distributed forwarding.  The main CPU in the router computes the route table and sends that down to line cards.  Line cards can then route packets as necessary without involving the main CPU.

Another example might be BGP setup as a route reflector.  This is used to minimize the full mesh required by BGP.  Cisco's web site has information on route reflector setup and operation.

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